Archive | October 12, 2021

From Me to You #apeekatmylife

Nothing was posted this past weekend. We had too many celebrations.

Saturday was my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. All of their children (me included, lol) were there along with all the grandchildren and their only great grandchild. Seventeen people all together!

Sunday was my daughter’s wedding!

Suzy in her gown with the bustle up
At the alter
The cousins and the new hubby (bearded guy, lol)

Yesterday was my 32nd wedding anniversary. We ended up doing nothing special, ordered dinner and hubby had to work.

So that’s been my weekend. The rest of the week I need to recover, lol. Get the house on the market. Stuff like that.

Gearing up to write hot and heavy with nano starting around the corner.

You know, the usual!