Archive | November 27, 2021

From me to you #apeekatmylife

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. I was too turkey comatose to add anything yesterday, lol.

We had a great day even missing my daughter and family, my one brother and family, and one nephew. Lots of turkey and ham to be had. Tons of sides, dessert and football to go around. One room had football playing all day and the other Christmas movies.

I have now had my fill of Christmas movies for the year!

Black Friday did not find me shopping! I was still turkey influenced. The only thing we did was take my car to get new tires. My tread was down to the end and I didn’t want to chance driving it in the snow this winter. It was an appointment we’d set up a few weeks ago so I didn’t want to cancel.

Well, onto my renovation. We filled the 20 yard dumpster and its gone. I still haven’t called the real estate agent, but we plan on doing it this week. I’ve got a bit of repair to do to the bathroom here on the first floor. My son managed to break a couple tiles in the bathroom he’s using so I’m working on that this weekend.

In writing news, I’m still working on my horror novel for NaNoWriMo. Not going to get the 50,000 words in this month, but I’m happy to say I’m writing every day. That was my mail goal for NaNo. Hopefully by the end of December it will be done. It is flowing well, so I’m happy.

I woke up at three this morning with a new story running through my head. I don’t normally write down an outline, but I did today. I’ve got it planned from beginning to end. Can’t wait to get it fleshed out. In the meantime, Teasing Tamara is also circling in my brain. That story has been missing a middle. It’s hard to finish a story that is missing the meat!

Once When the Calliope Plays is done, I’m heading in to finish Teasing Tamara. The other stories in that series have been clambering to be written but I can only do one at a time.