For the Love of a Broken Lord

For the Love of a Broken LordHe has to stand on his feet again to fall on one knee!Lady Emma is visiting her cousins the night of the grand ball! How excited she was hoping to live her fairytale! And she truly did. Getting back home, she realizes that her mother’s precious earring has been left in the ballroom, as well as her heart!

Jonathan Cambell, the handsome Earl of Shaftesbury, who didn’t have marriage in mind, has in his hands the lost earring of his beautiful Cinderella! Lady Emma is the one for him. But the ball is over and he is left only with the hope that he will be able to meet her again…

This small piece of jewel will bring them back together… but his terrible accident will keep them apart.
Johnathan has to stand on his feet again and fight for her love!

Will she still love him, when she’ll find out that he is crippled? Will her family accept him? Will he find the strength to ask her hand in marriage against all odds?
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