Grimm Prince #NewRelease

by NS Johnson


NOW LIVE! Grimm Prince: A Steamy Small Town Romance by NS Johnson is available now!
“An entertaining and fast paced read, Grimm Prince is a fun introduction to a world of reimagined fairy tales.” – Amazon reviewer
This entire story was fairytale-esque and just a joy to read as it was entertaining and just a whole lot of fun.” – Mulan Book Princess
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When a Wounded Warrior meets a small town princess, he’ll learn that happily-ever-after is definitely in his cards.
Jake Grimm came home after fifteen years to an official letter on his door. His family’s ancestral home is going to be a fairytale themed tourist attraction which isn’t going to work when the rest of his Special Forces team shows up to move in. Storming up to City Hall for some answers, a car backfires and he hits the ground, bringing down the hot, curvy woman standing next to him. 
She looks up at him with stars in her eyes, like he isn’t battle damaged. 
Her heart shaped mouth whispers dreams that she could take all his pain and sleepless nights away.
All of which is why Jake knows he must stay far away from Rosie Briarwood, the mayor’s daughter. He might be the last descendant of the founders of Grimm’s Valley, but he’s no prince. And he’s no longer a hero.
Once upon a time has never been so hot in this steamy small town where heroes fall hard for modern day damsels who know how to handle their swords.

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