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Saving Grace #Spotlight

Saving Grace

A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 3

The apocalypse had come and gone.

Secrets lie buried waiting to be found.

Dragons are not the only ones awakening to a new world.

Grace has always felt a bit like an outsider, even in her own family. She preferred to do things on her own, ignoring her loneliness. That all changes when Rog barrels into her life, opening her eyes to so much more.

Dragon shifter Rog has seen what problems hiding your inner dragon from your mate brings. Saving his mate from a precarious situation, he changes in front of her. Her awe and hesitant acceptance have him wrapped around her finger in a heartbeat.

Together they find a hidden, cryonic facility. Do they awaken the lost souls hidden in the depth of the mountain? Dare they take the chance of possibly bringing back the diseases to once again ravage their world?

Those are easy questions, but how can Rog explain the mating ritual to change Grace into a dragon involves himself and other dragons giving her more pleasure in a once in a lifetime experience?

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Curious, Rog turned around. On the other side of the bridge, there was no water, just grass. Circling around again, he stuck his head back in the water. Opening his eyes, leaving the bottom lid covering his eyes for protection, Rog looked around.

The water, greenish blue, was clear. Hark was right. There were fish. The water, darker under the bridge appeared to go underground before coming back up a bit further away. Cold. Rog shivered. The temperature crept under his scales, giving him microscopic goosebumps along his tough, leathery skin.

Leaning further, Rog dug his talons into the surface, following the water down with his head, stretching his neck. Just flowing water.

Rearing back, Rog whipped his head, shaking the water from his scales. Shivering, tremors rolled under his scales, dispelling the last of the water from beneath them.

“Brr.” Rog moved, finding a smooth spot on the black road, away from the bridge and settled down. The warmth of the surface calming the prickling of his scales and skin. “Feels like it came straight from a glacier.”

Hark shook his head, sparkling drops of water spraying around him. “I think you’re right.”

Looking around, Rog didn’t spy any mountains, none he would consider mountains at any rate. Nothing he thought would lend itself to making the water so cold. “Maybe underground caverns.”

Hark nodded. Following Rog’s example, he proceeded to find a warm spot, circling until he rested against the surface. “Now for that nap.”

Rog concurred. Belly against the warmth, he drew his feet beneath him, curled his head and tail around himself and closed his eyes. Relaxing, he slowly sank into a deep slumber. After all, who would disturb two dragons?


Grace kept tabs on the creatures flying over her herd. Hiding in the trees along the river, she glared, watching them steal away her cattle. Sure, it was probably enough to feed them and no more, but those were hers.

Observing them, she shrugged her aggravation away. They were just as much animals as the cows. Circle of life and all that. She wondered if they were really dragons. One of the books that she read showed pictures of them. They seemed similar, but the book said they weren’t real.