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Happy Veteran’s Day!

It’s a day to celebrate Veteran’s Day! The following anthologies support Veterans, so take a look, purchase a book and know you’ve helped our nation’s Veterans!

Grab a copy of Destiny Whispers to help homeless Veterans. All proceeds of Destiny Whispers goes to a homeless Veteran’s program.

A collection of short love stories to warm the heart. Compiled by four authors, all proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to a charity which supports homeless veterans.

Broken Prince Charming

by Beverly Ovalle

I lost my way. Discharged, broken, I sought comfort from a bottle. A lot of bottles. I wore a mantle of guilt that I had survived, while most of my buddies died. My life spiraled downward. Rock bottom is ugly. I realize I need help and reach out for it. Hidden among the homeless and despair is a bright light, with milk chocolate skin, bright blue eyes and a smile that cheers my soul.

Grace. She smiles and carries a beacon of hope within her. Despite circumstances that would bring anyone else down, she forges her own path. A path different from her mother’s. Determined to support herself and leave the shelter behind, she has a plan. Nothing and no one will stop her.

She deserves a fresh start, and I’ll help her get it. Even if it means I’m left behind.

Finding a Memory

by Mona Casey

When a young medium moves into a historical home with her husband, she meets the resident souls. Souls who lived during the turn of the century and found a sweet forbidden relationship. During their time on earth, it was unheard of for a single Caucasian woman to live unsupervised with her African American butler and driver but that didn’t stop them. Their story is timeless and heartwarming with a tragedy tossed in.

On the Homefront

by Tina Susedik

War is Over!

With a shout, radio host Erna Huber gave the battle cry that brought hope back to all the women waiting for news of their husbands, sons, and fathers. World War II was finally at an end, but what does that mean for all the women that kept America running while the men were away?

Ben Peters was one of those returning servicemen that was simply trying to find his place in the tumultuous social climate after returning from the Pacific, when one night during a chance meeting at the roller rink, he just so happened to bump into Erna.  With her sharp wit, and bombshell appearance he was hooked from the get-go.

Can they successfully navigate the war between the sexes on the home front? Or will their relationship prove to be more than either one of them bargained for?

You know what they say, all’s fair in love and war.   

The Oasis

by Teresa Keefer

Ally had found her respite after the loss of her fiance in Afghanistan. Living with her grandfather in the Mojave desert and running his cafe and convenience store keeps her busy, even if it doesn’t keep her mind off the young man she lost. Her world is about to get mixed up when a wandering man shows up at their doorstep in the midst of a dust storm. His story is much like her own in that he also lost someone he loved in Afghanistan. Will his unwanted advice and kindness move Ally forward with her life after the devastating loss she had endured?

Available at Amazon  & other eretailers


All the proceeds from We know the TRUTH, Do you? go to a Veteran’s foundation. Click the picture below to get your copy! Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

What’s in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens? Elvis? Maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know?We do.Join this multi-genre group as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51 which up until now have only been whispered conspiracies. Don’t bother with the raid. Stay home, read these awesome stories and learn all you need to know.The truth is just a page-flip away. (Heat level varies.)* All proceeds will benefit US veterans.

Available at Amazon and KU


Sunday Sales!

It is Sunday, right? With no schedule I have a hard time remembering what day it is! Here’s some sales and inexpensive reads I found!

Last day at .99!

We know the Truth, Do you?

What’s in Area 51? Is the government hiding aliens? Elvis? Maybe the set of the Apollo moon landing? Do you know?
We do.
Join this multi-genre group as they explore the hidden recesses of Area 51 which up until now have only been whispered conspiracies. Don’t bother with the raid. Stay home, read these awesome stories and learn all you need to know.
The truth is just a page-flip away. (Heat level varies.)

* All proceeds will benefit US veterans.

Just click on the photo below!


by Jill Ramsower

NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! Forever Lies by Jill Ramsower is available now & only 99c for a limited time!!!

“Sensational story that will tempt and tease! … a MUST read that will join the ranks of the BIBLIO-ELITE!!!” – Book Everlasting

“WOW! Just WOW… From beginning to end I was hooked on this unique spin on Mafia Romance… SO GOOD!” –  Megan’s Scandalous Book Blog

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Luca was heartache waiting to happen.

On the surface, he appears well-dressed and professional, but behind those impassive black irises, I can sense something dark and ruthless. He’s unlike any man I’ve come across in my life. With my wealthy upbringing, I’ve been around any number of affluent, powerful men, but Luca is different. Enigmatic. Overwhelming. He wears an air of secrecy like the latest fashion trend.

I’m not one of those girls who seeks out the bad boy—I have enough issues to deal with in my life without adding his brand of trouble. Problem is, a chance elevator malfunction put me straight in his crosshairs, and now, he won’t let me walk away. The most disturbing part—no matter how dangerous he may be, there’s a mutinous side of me that doesn’t want to run. As if I ever had a choice…


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I lost her once.

I can’t lose her again.

I fight wildfires. It’s dirty, sweaty, and dangerous, but there’s nothing else like it. There’s no adrenaline boost like a hundred-foot wall of flame. There’s no victory better than saving a town.

Particularly when the town you save is your ex-girlfriend’s.

Clementine’s that ex. The one I haven’t seen in eight years. The one I thought I was going to marry.

We were over a long time ago, and there was a good reason why. There were a hundred good reasons, and I know every single one by heart.

Or at least, I thought I did. The more time I spend with Clementine, the harder they are to recall.

She’s still hotter than any fire I’ve ever fought. Still the same feisty, whip-smart, headstrong girl I fell for. When we’re together, it feels like eight years may as well have been eight minutes.

I already know how this story ends: we go down in flames. Crash and burn.

But I’ve never loved anyone like I loved Clementine. Not even close.

Maybe some fires are worth rekindling.

In Honor of those who serve:

Wounded Heroes

.99 Pennies!


Legends: Kermode

Coming December 2019!

$.99 Pre-orders are now available for the second book in the popular spin-off paranormal series, Legends: Kermode

Piper Sweet of Sweetie Pies Bakery is having a crazy year. Business is booming, but she’s having lustful thoughts of sexy Noah Webster, dreams of frosty forests, and worries about the muddy pawprints she finds in her kitchen.

Noah is on a mission to eradicate the rogue shifters that have set up camp in the small town of Grafton, Illinois. His methods are a bit unorthodox and his personality is on the wild side, but none of that matters when he walks into Sweetie Pie’s on the hunt for a shifter giving off the scent of power. One look at the curvy blonde and he’s in love – that is to say, he immediately imprints Piper as his soulmate. Trouble is, she’s the one giving off the power and she doesn’t even know it.


And grab book 1, Legends: Catori at a special price of only $.99! https://www.amazon.com/Legends-Catori-Book-1-ebook/dp/B07CVQ6HFR


Sale Sunday!

Hero Undercover: 25 Undercover Romances

The everyday box set price is $6.99 and the sale price is just 99 cents.


25 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning best-selling romance authors offer this sizzling compilation of panty-melting undercover bad boys, from swoon-worthy cowboys and alpha military men to deliciously decadent dominants. This smoking-hot collection features a wide array of stories including dark fantasies, seductive sci-fi, and erotic BDSM, all with the sweet happily-ever-afters you crave!

Hundreds of pages for one unbeatable price. Turn up the AC, lie back, and escape into these brand new, red hot riveting reads.

Authors include:  Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Jane Henry, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly

Available at Amazon

A dragon’s most desired treasure is his mate, but what if she didn’t want to be?

A Dragon’s Treasure

Pre-Order Sale .99!

Kai has been hunting for his mate for a very long time. Drawn to a singular place on earth, filled with treasures, he still seeks the greatest treasure of them all. His mate.

Fleeing danger, Connie runs into the arms of destiny, but she has plans already, and a Dragon mate is not on the agenda.

Kai has waited centuries for Connie, and he will claim his mate. Patience may not be a Dragon’s virtue, but he always gets his treasure.

Sparks fly in this humorous erotic tale of mating and mayhem.


Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071ZPYWGH/

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dragons-Treasure-Beverly-Ovalle-ebook/dp/B071ZPYWGH/

Barnes & Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-dragons-treasure-beverly-ovalle/1126465379

Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/a-dragon-s-treasure

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35342283-a-dragon-s-treasure

Available 6/16

Universal link http://www.books2read.com/ADragonsTreasure


* To Celebrate the RELEASE of UNBROKEN part two June 13th *

Unbroken – A second chance at love story – Episode 1


June 6th – June 13th

US —>http://amzn.to/2rZbJ8c

Five years after my husband’s brutal murder, I am still trying to piece my life back together.

A series of disastrous events sends, not only my life but my son’s life into peril. With everything spiraling out of control, and our safety on the line, I have no choice but to ask my longtime friend, Reid for help.
I realize my mistake too late. Reid is all in, and is taking over my life completely. He looks at me like a woman, not a widow or a mother. He makes we wish for things I know I shouldn’t have.
Just when he opens my eyes to the world around me, and I see the man that has been standing right in front of me all these years – it’s too late. One kiss is all I am allowed before my life takes another painful twist and all thoughts of happiness are torn from my reach.

Break Me
by Logan Chance
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Ever been lost or alone? Where you feel like the world will break you where you stand? Pollux Clark strives to make each day count.
On a mission, he finds himself entangled with the wrong woman.
Katy Dale Vanderlin.
She’s destined to become partner at her firm, so she offers him a deal.
Pose as my fake fiance, and I’ll do anything.
And with stakes like those, Pollux would be an idiot to refuse.
He’ll get what he wants from her.
But, what he wasn’t expecting was to get so much more.



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JUNE 11TH – 17TH

 ♪♫♪♫ Blurb♪♫♪♫

One night stands.
Career-driven Ali Whitman, never dreamed of having one, until she finds herself waking up next to a handsome tattooed man she knows nothing about. After celebrating her promotion to field reporter at Entertainment Rocks! magazine, she breaks her number one rule – to focus on work without the distraction of the opposite sex.
Tyler Young lives by his own set. As bassist for Devil’s Garden, he exudes sexual energy and lives for the moment; no strings attached, no regrets, and no looking back.
When the two are brought face to face during an interview it goes sour, sparking a string of disasters. As their feelings for each other grow, they find themselves living by a new set of rules, but demons from the past haunt their new found love. Is it possible to crawl from the ashes of the aftermath or will it all go down in flames?




Gay science fiction novella Angel’s Feather by Alina Popescu is #free for 5 days on all Amazon sites. Download your Free copy of the first book in the Flyer Chronicles series between June 9th and June 13th!


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#gay #romance #scifi #sciencefiction #freebooks #gaybooks #scifibooks

How far would you go for the one you love? How much of yourself would you sacrifice?

Trapped on a decaying Earth and cut off from the rest of the Universe, humans are no longer allowed to leave their planet. Break this one law and you die: a penalty enforced by flyers, aliens who look like angels of long-lost religions. Michael, the flyers’ leader, is the Punisher who carries out every public execution.

Adam, a young human with near-perfect memory, is committed to rebuilding Earth and a true believer in the flyers’ dominion. While Adam’s support for flyers isn’t a secret, his deep love for Michael is. Not even Michael knows, for his kind never take human lovers, and to Adam, they are too far above him to reach.

In his broken and unwelcoming world, Adam’s love can only lead to pain, loss, and disaster. Yet there is no force in the huge expanse of stars and galaxies that can stop Adam from following Michael to the end of existence. Not even Adam’s own beliefs.

Sexy To Go ~ On Sale .99 for April

99 cent sale Vol 1What’s better than a monthly romance anthology boxed set full of tasty stories?

Getting volume #1 for $.99 of course!


sexytogo_123_flames_500x300Now through April 30th, get caught up on Sexy to Go by grabbing Volume #1 at $.99. We bet after you try us out, you won’t be able to read just one…

Luckily, Volumes 2 and 3 are already available to keep your e-reader company! Be sure to join us for Volumes 4-12 too. We’ll keep you reading all year long.


SEXY TO GO VOLUME 1 includes the following stories. Please enjoy an excerpt from each:


Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan

When her flighty cousin bails hours before the wedding, Kailee Chan is forced to deliver the news. The dominant groom punishes her instead, and her submission leads to a far more serious commitment.


With a low curse, he circled her waist with one arm and helped her into a seated position. “Under different circumstances, I’d order you to your knees and have you earn my forgiveness.”

Her breath hitched at the proposition. She couldn’t help but imagine herself at his feet, his hand clutching her hair, her fingers unbuckling his belt. The way he surveyed her sent a shiver down her spine. When their gazes met, she felt her pulse on her fingertips.

“I told you not to look at me like that.”

Fearing he’d somehow glimpsed her fantasy, she bent her head and examined the hands she’d interlaced over her lap. “How do I look at you?”

“Like a lover, daring me to take charge.”


Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy

Casi suffers a scheduling mishap, but finds impromptu sex in the forest fulfills more than one personal fantasy. When the sexy shifters vanish, she’s left with an invitation to return. Does she dare?


“Well, what have we here?” Liam straddled her, pinning her to the ground. His hands rested lightly on her shoulders. Amusement flickered in his gaze. His damp mouth was generous and twisted in mirth.

A scream died in her throat. Casi ought to have been frightened, but wasn’t. He hovered above her, his eyes friendly with a hint of wicked. He didn’t seem angry over her transgression and though he was big, he wasn’t hurting her.  She also kind of liked his large erection splayed over her belly for her perusal. As she watched, it twitched, bobbing up and down and aimed right at her. She licked her lips.

“You were watching us, weren’t you?” He raised a brow. “Did you like the show?”

She bit her lip and shook her head.

Liam snorted. “Liar.”


To Love Again by Allie Ritch

Kara is a reincarnated sorceress who has cheated death to return to her vampire lover again and again. She always comes back to Griffin. And she always leaves him, too. Now the anniversary of her first death has arrived, and she’s fated to die. Will she finally let Griffin turn her so they can be together forever? Or will she love him again in the next life?


Griffin’s gaze turned haunted. “I should have sensed them. I should have been more careful with you. We were outnumbered, and they were older, stronger. I fought as hard as I could.”

“You won. You killed them.”

“Only after I saw what they did to you.” He touched my breast where the sword blade had pierced it. “They spitted you, love. Madness gave me the strength to finish them off, but I was too late.”

I could still feel the agony of the blade inside me. “I was dying. You offered to turn me.”

“You said no.” Tears glittered in his eyes. “I should have turned you anyhow. I shouldn’t have asked. How could you choose death over me?”

“I chose death over undeath,” I answered. “And I came back to you.”


Faking It by Sofia Grey

Lucy can’t believe her luck. Upgrade to 1st class flight and a hot hunk in the next seat. He’d never be interested in a geek, so maybe it’s time to reinvent herself? Faking it has never been such fun.


His eyes darkened. “The music turned you on, huh?” His voice dropped to a sensuous purr.

“Completely.” Totally channelling my inner-erotic-author personality, I sucked one finger into my mouth, and then rubbed it back and forth across my lower lip. Jez couldn’t take his eyes off me. “Just thinking about the concert, I’m horny now.”

Surely he wouldn’t fall for my act? I was behaving more like a porn star with every passing minute.

He shifted in his seat. “On a plane?” He rasped the words. “Have you ever researched how to fuck on a plane?”


Assistant Seduction by Jocelyn Dex

When the temp agency sends Kyla a hunky male assistant, who looks as if he stepped out of one of her erotic stories, will she get more than she bargained for?


“So, Landen, did you read any of my stories?”

He nodded. “I did. I read your short story, “Bitches on Top”.

Oh, that was a good one to start with. One of her dirtiest, for sure. “And, what did you think?”

“It was…graphic.”

“By graphic, what do you mean exactly?”

“Sexually graphic.” Even after clearing his throat, the words came out raw.

“Were you shocked and appalled?”

“A little surprised but no, not appalled.” He openly readjusted his crotch. “Not at all.”

She smoothed her hands down her nighty suggestively. Her body burned for him and it was time to up the game. “Did it turn you on?”


Unconventional Spark by Allyson Lindt

If Jade can’t learn to balance business and pleasure, she’ll lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her—the unconventional spark she shares with her boyfriend, Brandon


He tore his dark gaze from the slowly inching line long enough to wink. “I’ve got a little bit of pent up frustration. What with my girlfriend being out of town for several weeks.” He turned his attention back to the traffic. A familiar, gravel husk lined his tone. “She’s got this amazing, breathy voice when she’s playing with herself, and the only thing more intoxicating than her moans over the phone is how much better she sounds in person.”

Speaking of irresistible voices, his had shifted to the one that gave me goose bumps every time we had one of those conversations. Inspiration struck, and I tried to keep my posture neutral, even though he was watching the other cars, and not me.

I rested my hand on his leg, and received a sideway glance and raised eyebrows in return. I smiled, thumb stroking gently but nothing more, until he looked away again.

He pulled up to the parking ticket window. While he exchanged pleasantries with the attendant, I made sure his T-shirt hid my actions. I glided my fingers up his thigh, hovered less than an inch from his crotch, and slid down his zipper.


Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel

Keira’s an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more and finds it in Barrett. He’s not what he seems, but neither is she—except she doesn’t know it yet.


“Can I help you find something?”

Keira froze. It was him. She’d know Barrett’s voice anywhere. She heard it in her dreams and sometimes she imagined one of her johns was him. In her imagination, he crooned to her in that wonderful voice and…

He tapped her shoulder. “Miss. May I help you?”

Keira spun to face him. Her face heated and she knew she had spots of color high on both cheeks. “Uh, no. I’m just looking.” Responding to something, maybe a small spell, maybe just an invitation in those wonderful ice-blue eyes, she stammered on, “The rose quartz crystal—”

“I sold it. Just yesterday. It was one of my favorites as well. If you’re interested, I should be getting a new shipment soon, but the crystals are all unique. If there’s one you like, just let me know and I can see if it pairs well with your energy.”

“I, um, you see, I can’t really afford anything like that. I just like to look.”

“It’s okay. I get lots of lookers here.” Barrett smiled at her. Gazed into her eyes and smiled right at her. Keira’s heart stuttered.



Skin by Leigh Ellwood

Skin – One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.


She heard a rumbling and the Carsan female came into view, rolling a small table on which sat three objects. Captain Luther picked up the first, a feather, and approached.

“This will test the effectiveness of the skin,” he explained. “If you are unable to feel anything, you are to let me know immediately. I’ll advise you not to pretend any emotions during your punishment. The Carsans are very perceptive and unforgiving.”

“Yes, Captain.” The feather swept under her chin and across her collarbone, where the skin ended on top. It felt soft and lovely, not sadistic—unless the Carsans intended for the Captain to tickle torture her. Good luck, even with the enhanced skin. She was most sensitive in that regard on the soles of her feet, and she doubted Captain Luther intended to jump the borders of her punishment suit.

Right now, for instance, he swiped up her left arm and she shivered. What could his fingers do, dancing along her shoulders?


Meant to Be by Nerika Parke

A rock concert, a chance meeting with a sexy musician and a night on the beach turn Jessica’s unremarkable life upside down when she takes a weekend away for her birthday.


“You were amazing,” she said, then suddenly realized how that sounded.  “I mean, the band was amazing.”

“Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it,” he said, seeming genuinely pleased at the compliment.

“How did you know I was there?”  Those amazing eyes must have had amazing eyesight.

“I saw you as I walked off stage at the end of our set.”

“And you remember everyone in the crowd?” she said, stunned that their eyes really did meet.

“No,” he said, smiling and looking down.  “I only remember you.”


Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise by Pamela Moran

Pulled together through a world of dreams, Lena and Davis might have found the Key to Paradise. Can he convince her to take a chance, to believe in impossible possibilities, to hold on to their dream?


“We should probably talk about what happened last night.” He kicked at the snow.

“No. I really don’t think we need to do that.” And she usually didn’t run from issues, but this one needed some distance. Some major distance.

“During the night we shared a dream.”

No shit, Sherlock. “And that’s where it stops. Right there. A dream. Nothing more.”

“You know it was more. Much more.”


“Are you always this obstinate?”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“You have to ask that?”

“Obviously I did.”

“Belle –”

“No.” She stopped again. Faced him. “You somehow invaded my dream. We had hot sex. End of story. Not going any further.”


For His Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler

A black slave and white plantation owner’s son narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. But through the hardship their love endures.


James let out a needy moan and Daniel wrapped a hand around his head, holding him still while he plundered his mouth. Granting him entrance, Daniel’s tongue thrust inside, the two of them tasted each other, tongues dancing in a frantic rhythm.

Daniel broke the kiss, panting. James’ chest rose and fell rapidly as if they were breathing as one.

“I’ve been so worried,” Daniel said, “but after that kiss,” he caressed James’ cheek, “I realize you’re all I’ll ever need.”

“Yes,” James said, all other words escaping him. He’d do the work of ten men if he had to in order to take care of them both. Unable to think of how to express his feelings, he decided he needed to show Daniel.

Reaching for the placket of the man’s gray trousers, he was intent on freeing his bulging cock.

Daniel’s hand circled his wrist stopping him. “No. Tonight is for your pleasure.”


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