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Willow’s Cry is LIVE available signed in Clear Lake Iowa!

I’m so excited! Willow’s Cry is live!

I have signed copies at the North Iowa Book Bash! In Iowa? Come on over and grab a copy. Special pricing for paperback release day copies! Doors open at 1:00 pm for general admission. It’s only $2.00 for admission so why not?


Alex is just a regular guy… who can hear the wind speak and the earth talk, not a bad thing for a Park Ranger if a bit unusual. His life is everything he desires. Until Mother Nature expresses her displeasure at his family’s threat to sell the land they had been charged to protect. Alex is left to try to stop the sale, finding a damsel in distress along the way who wraps herself around his heart.

Happy living in her tree, observing the world without joining in, Willow has yearned for Alex for years. Too shy to emerge, the little nymph is suddenly catapulted into Alex’s arms, her tree destroyed during a massive storm.

Mother Nature has a plan and she’ll do everything she can to force Alex’s family to continue their roles as guardians, even if it means sacrificing one she protects.


Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/Willows-Cry-Beverly-Ovalle-ebook/dp/B07BJCJ5FP/

Universal Amazon: http://mybook.to/readWillowsCry

Meeting the future MIL is always nerve wracking… Excerpt:

Willow nodded and started searching. Leaning over, she pulled up a rock and brought it back. She looked at the pile of wood and dropped the rock. She hunted enough to encircle the pile of wood Sarah stacked for the fire. When she finished, she sat on the end of Alex’s sleeping bag, hugging her knees to her chest, glancing at Sarah from the corner of her eyes.

Alex glanced at the two of them, circling around each other like wary animals. His mind split between Levi, his mother and Willow.

“What?” Sarah gave an exasperated sigh. “You obviously want to ask me something, so go ahead and do so.” She grabbed a piece of wood and sat down, sitting as gracefully as a queen on a throne.

“Do you hate me?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “No. I don’t even know you. I’m not thrilled about Alex falling for a wood nymph, but I suppose there is nothing I can do about it. He’s a grown man and entitled to his own mistakes.”

Willow eyes welled with tears. “You think I’m a mistake?” Her voice was a whisper as it came out.

Coming April 7th!

Willow’s Cry ~Pre Order! Coming April 7th!

When you’ve pissed off Mother Nature, anything can happen…
Alex is just a regular guy… who can hear the wind speak and the earth talk, not a bad thing for a Park Ranger if a bit unusual. His life is everything he desires. Until Mother Nature expresses her displeasure at his family’s threat to sell the land they had been charged to protect. Alex is left to try to stop the sale, finding a damsel in distress along the way who wraps herself around his heart.
Happy living in her tree, observing the world without joining in, Willow has yearned for Alex for years. Too shy to emerge, the little nymph is suddenly catapulted into Alex’s arms, her tree destroyed during a massive storm.
Mother Nature has a plan and she’ll do everything she can to force Alex’s family to continue their roles as guardians, even if it means sacrificing one she protects.

Chalvaren Rising ~ Paula Millhouse ~ Character Interview with Magnus the Dragon.

Character Interview


Introduce yourself.  What book are you from? Are you the hero, heroine, villain?

My name is Magnus, and I am a sentient dragon from the Kingdom of Chalvaren. I flew into fiction first in Dragonstone, but I really earn my wings in the fantasy romance novel Chalvaren Rising by my author, Paula Millhouse.

Of course, I am the one they will call hero. Some Readers may think of Elf Prince Kort Elias as the hero of Chalvaren Rising, but I’m afraid that’s not so. My Mia, my rider, is definitely the heroine. She loves Kort, so I tolerate him.


How did you come to your author’s attention?

She has had this affinity for my kind, for dragons, since she was a child. Paula needed to write a fantasy romance where dragons are allies, keepers of the castle if you will, so I auditioned for the role. She keeps this idea in her heart that love is worth fighting for. I helped her get that notion of valiance across on the page.


Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?

Of course, well, I do not exactly fit in to the wing of dragons on Chalvaren yet. I have eaten two people, and one of them was an elf. I did not know any better at the time. Because I have the gift of speech, like my sire Garnet the Red, the other dragons on Chalvaren give me a wide berth. And when I attacked Queen Elissabet for being mean to Mia that caused all sorts of problems.


What do you do for a living?

I fly with the wing of mighty dragons who protect the elves of Castle Elias in Chalvaren. I am still learning to get my landing maneuvers down – the ground is not my friend – but I am learning. We are like watch-dogs, but we fly, and every dragon has a unique weapon. I have not discovered mine yet, but I suppose our story will reveal all.


Who is the love of your life?

My rider, Mia Ansgar. She’s more than a mother figure, she’s my imprinted rider. She saved my life, and helped Kort return me to the Kingdom of Chalvaren. I would willingly give my last claw to see my Mia happy.


What was the first thing you noticed about him/her?

Mia is beauty incarnate, with long tresses of golden hair, and pointed elven ears. She’s the guardian of the Dragonstone, an ancient artifact nonpareil, and she’s protecting it for me. When I reach maturity I am destined to use the fist-sized amethyst to unite the dragons of Chalvaren. I noticed her courage first.


What’s your greatest fear?

In Chalvaren Rising, my greatest fear is that Isa Ansgar, an embittered wizard and the last of Mia’s kin will kill her and enslave me to serve her lover Malachai. This simply cannot happen, I tell you, and I will give my life before I let the witch win.


What’s your motto in life?

Love is worth fighting for. That concept drew me to my author.


How do the other characters in your book view you?

I am afraid they find me odd and threatening. As the one and only Spirit Dragon, an Aurora Class Dragon, I have an affinity for magic. I suspect the elves and dragons in my book are afraid of me.


What do you think reader will find interesting about you?

That Mia and I share an affinity for magic, but of course, the Readers will most likely find it interesting that I cannot roar yet. I try, but all that comes out are embarrassing croaks. They will probably find it humorous that I have trouble landing. Kort is terrified I might break Mia’s neck before I perfect the skill, and he yells about it a lot.


What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

I have not learned to do kinky things yet, but because I can read I suppose I could learn. I’ll check King Lachlan’s Library for sacred texts, and get back to you when I grow up.


Will we be seeing you in future books?

Absolutely. My author thinks a Christmas story is on the horizon, and we are working on what happens next after the climax in Chalvaren Rising.


 What makes you happy?

Eating fresh fish on the seashore below Castle Elias. Flying with the wing of mighty dragons who protect the Elves of the Kingdom of Chalvaren. Watching and learning from my sire, Garnet the Red, the castle’s resident Fire Dragon.


What makes you mad?

Wizards who use magic for anything that does not sustain life. Everyone is given certain gifts that can and should be used for good. I think humans call that nastiness hatred and bullying. When they corrupt that sort of valiant magic and use it to hurt others, that seriously ruffles my last scale.

3D digital render of a little blue dragon isolated on white background


Chalvaren Rising_FINALKeynote (blurb):

With the love of Kort, Chalvaren’s warrior-prince heir, Mia Ansgar will seize her birthright and become the great dragon-riding wizardess prophesied to free that elven kingdom from her embittered sorceress kin.


PaulaMillhouse 2015Paula Millhouse.com
Where Fantasy, Romance, & Suspense collide.



Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5 ~ Flossie Benton Rogers

Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5 by Flossie Benton Rogers


Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Interview: Seven Secrets of a Wytchfae Author


Beverly and Tamara: Welcome to SSLY. Thanks so much for joining us today. So first why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a former teacher and public library director who, upon retirement in 2011, made a solid commitment to become a published author. It had been my dream since age eight, when I wrote my first fairy tale. The dream went on the back burner for years, until 2005 when our library organized a NaNoWriMo program geared toward budding writers. Authors local to our area gave presentations to educate and inspire, and I began to see that my lifelong dream was not as farfetched as I once thought. For several years I participated in NaNo, winning but not looking at the manuscripts once NaNo was over. I was so fortunate to have a supportive husband who encouraged me when I retired to fulfill my heart’s desire. I couldn’t have done it without my beloved Ronnie. Another supporter was Loretta C. Rogers, who became a mentor and eventually a critique partner. In 2011, instead of packing away the 2010 NaNo manuscript, I decided to turn it into a publishable novel. After much critique help from Loretta and pitching it to Secret Cravings Publishing at a writers’ conference, it turned into the first in the series of Wytchfae paranormal fantasy romance novels in 2012.

Beverly: When did you start to write and who influenced you?

I started writing at age eight but became a committed writer in 2011. There are many writers, both literary and entertaining, who have inspired me. For the latter, I have to give a shout out to vintage Australian romance author Dorothy Cork, author of Red Diamond, and to Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe mystery novels. I own and periodically reread most of their works and am constantly amazed at their engaging characters, intriguing plots, and clever writing styles.

Tamara: What are your favorite types of heroines? Do you like the damsel in distress who needs saving or the kick-ass variety? Why?

My heroines are the kick-ass variety. I find action scenes fun to write, and I enjoy heroines who learn their power and come into their own.

Beverly: How many books have you published? What genres? What drew you to that genre?

Six books have been published in the paranormal Wytchfae series, including a novel, four novellas, and an anthology comprised of two of the novellas. The next two Wytchfae novels are scheduled to be published in 2015. I write paranormal fantasy because I get to indulge my passion for mythology, which I absolutely love.

Beverly: What is your “guilty pleasure”?

My guilty pleasure is the soap, General Hospital, which I remember from college. I like to tell myself you can learn a lot about scenes and dialogue, and that’s true, but I also enjoy seeing characters I’ve known for years and the sheer drama of the sudsy show.

Tamara: What dream or goal have you yet to realize?

I want to publish a holiday novel, either Christmas or Halloween. So far, I haven’t managed to fit one into the writing schedule.

Tamara: If you could spend the day with any person from history, real or fictional. Who would you choose and why?

That’s a tough one, since I love history, classical writings, and historical romance novels. At this moment I’d choose to spend the day with the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Smekhkare, husband of Meritaten, related to the rebel pharaoh Akhenaten—possibly brother or son-in-law, and predecessor of the famous pharaoh we call King Tut. My reasoning is that I want to know the real scoop of the New Kingdom Amarna period of Egypt. There is so much conflicting information, and new discoveries have come to light in recent years, but wouldn’t it be exquisite to know what really happened? Besides, Smenkhkare and Meritaten always reminded me of my husband and me, in other words, soul mates.

Lord of Fire – Wytchfae 5

Blurb: When The Hawk meets his Wytchfae, the result is spontaneous combustion.

Garnet McAnna chases the demon responsible for attacking and enslaving innocent fae familiars. She never expected to run headlong into a mesmerizing stranger known as The Hawk. Nor did she anticipate the way his masculine power kindles a womanly flame within her.

Exiled from an elite warrior’s brigade, Lord of Fire Gabriel Hawk guards his heart and his solitude. He wants nothing to do with the world of men or the realm of fae. Then a beautiful Wytchfae bursts into his life, stirring desire and sparking need. Garnet is on a dangerous mission, and he can’t let her face the evil alone. What else can he do but fight beside her? When she disappears, he raises hell to find her. Will he be too late? Will darkness conquer this couple or will love burn their souls into one?


First Line Teaser: She’d catch the demon tonight if it killed her.


Memorable Quote: “Garnet McAnna, you’re the hottest woman in thirteen worlds.”



Lost in her thoughts, Garnet ran up against something hard and springy, and a sharp point pricked the soft flesh of her thumb. She squeezed off the pain with her other hand.

Damned barbed wire.

She had already made it to the fence line and hadn’t even realized it. Sucking in a deep breath, she cleared her mind to concentrate on the task at hand. She had to edge around the boundary to the north side of this large piece of private property to gain access to the portal. Then she’d hunker down in the bushes and wait on the demon Borros.

Moving swiftly again, she cut a wide swath away from the metal fence. Snorting sounds came from within one of the corrals she had noted early this morning when she skirted the property. Horses and a few cattle had grazed within.

Bearing around the corner to head north toward the portal, a splash of incandescent green appeared and then disappeared in front of her. Startled, she blinked and reached into her coat pocket for the revolver. The weapon lay cold and substantial in her hand. She stilled her body to a midnight silence.

The eerie green reappeared and dashed around her body without spotlighting her in any way. It formed a mysterious elongated glow. She clamped down harder on the gun handle to stop her hand from trembling, while shifting positions to keep the phenomenon in front of her.

Her mind tumbled over possibilities. The light couldn’t be swamp gas, as it seemed to proceed purposefully. Its movement created a slight whirring sound. A will ’o the wisp? Somehow she thought not, but what was it?

The presence darted behind her.

Before she could turn, a warm, corporeal hand covered her own and relieved her of the weapon. Whirling around, she came face to face with—a man.

A gasp escaped her lips. With his substantial height, he towered over her. A faint greenish residue of light illuminated him enough so that the fierce scowl on his face caused her heart to thump into overdrive.

She swallowed, fingering the sheath of one of the knives in her pocket. Damn it, next time she’d bring a backup piece. She forced herself to speak, but despite her efforts, her voice rasped. “Give me back my weapon.”

His sonorous growl reminded her of a feral animal. “Not so fast. What the hell are you doing sneaking around my property with a firearm in the middle of the night?”


Video Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTifE-174mE

Buy Link Amazon: http://amzn.to/1nzt1Bs

Secret Cravings Publishing: http://bit.ly/1FKwWBu

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fbr4-26-14headshotAuthor Bio:

Flossie Benton Rogers is the author of the Wytchfae paranormal romance series. She is Sagittarius with a Libra ascendant and Taurus moon, or a 5th generation Floridian and freedom loving mystic. She pursues her passion for mythology by writing romances with fairies, goddesses, ghosts, angels, demons, and other magical beings. The Wytchfae world brims with dimensions parallel to our own. Some are welcoming, others dangerous and forbidding. Through the darkest night and the fright of unchained chaos, love will always shine.


Connect with Flossie:

Website: http://flossiebentonrogers.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FlossieBentonRogersAuthor

Twitter: http://twitter.com/FrostFyre

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Wytchfae

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/flossiebentonrogers

Goodreads author page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6553203.Flossie_Benton_Rogers

Amazon author page: http://amazon.com/author/flossiebentonrogers

Review ~ The Garnet Dagger ~ Andrea Cooper

GDThe Garnet Dagger

by Andrea Cooper


Forbidden to cross the Elvin barrier into human lands, Brock cannot sate his curiosity. Cursed by a vampyre bite that forces him to feed on the life-essence of others, he is unable to touch another without taking their life. Chained by prophesy, he must find a witch, pierce her heart, and draw her blood for his cure.

Celeste must escape the monks who have held her prisoner for years. Her magic has been kept dormant by her captors. An ancient powerful Warloc craves her powers. If he succeeds in devouring her magic, she and the world will die.

When Brock falls in love with Celeste before realizing her demise is his cure, will love triumph over his desire to be healed? Will he risk everything to save her from a Warloc, an oath breaker, who also wants her dead?

Available at Amazon

Beverly’s Review:

What happens when you think you are above the law? A Dooming prophecy unfolds.
Disregarding Fae laws, Brock often heads out into the human lands. Coming home he encounters a man who he doesn’t realize is a vampire. He cracks open the way for the destruction of his race. He pays unknowingly with the life of his betrothed.

I have to say, most of the book I wanted to slap Brock. He is an annoyingly selfish elf. Drama prone, but it seems to fall in line with the race. I felt Celeste deserved better than Brock.

I got that out! Now to tell you what I liked!

Well written characters fill the book. The plot was well thought out and wound smoothly through the tale. Dark and intriguing, I did enjoy the tale. Sometimes you just have to dislike the hero! LOL. But he learned and his personality fit the story. If he hadn’t been as he was, A Garnett Dagger wouldn’t have been as good. Drawing out emotions when you read, no matter what kind, is the sign of a great book.

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