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Lightning Strike ~ part 7


This is the final section of Lightning Strike! Thank you for being so patient. If you’ve missed the first six sections, you can link them from the bottom of the page. If you wonder why I serialized my book here, it is for your enjoyment. If you enjoyed this erotic world of nymphs and men, you will find more in my coming book, Willow’s Cry.

Lightning Strike ~ part 7

Pulled to his back, limbs splayed and held immobile, Levi shouted hoarsely. A pussy bounced furiously on his dick. A talented mouth sucked his balls. Levi felt his hands become free. He grabbed two generous hard tipped breasts as they bounced above him. He felt his nipples engulfed in warmth as mouths started licking, kissing and nipping his chest. His dick tightened, his balls going hard in pleasure. He grabbed and twisted the nipples in his hands as he came. Buttocks arched as he filled the wind with streams of pleasure. He felt the pussy on him convulse as the wind licked around him.

Levi looked over, Daphnaie was in the throes of an orgasm, body bowed. He had never seen anything as beautiful as when she screamed and came. He came again just watching her.

The wind left as suddenly as it came. Leaving both of them spent with pleasure. Levi could see bruises and finger prints on Daphnaie. Glancing at his own self, there were bruises forming where he had felt the mouths suck especially hard.

Daphnaie sighed, a sound filled with pleasure. Levi swallowed.

“What was that, Daphnaie?”

She looked at him and smiled. “The Auria, the wind nymphs.” She shivered as a breeze ran across her skin playing with her nipples. “It has been a long time since they have been able to do more than play in my branches.” Her smile was nostalgic with a little bit of naughty tossed in.

Levi laughed. “Wow. They can play with my branch anytime.” Startled, he jerked as a mouth sucked his dick in and let go to rustle through the nearby trees on a chime of laughter. Daphnaie laughed.

“I guess they took you up on that.” They both laughed, not moving.

“Daphnaie,” he sighed, “that was something else. My grandpa always said this glen was sacred.” He swallowed. “I would have to say I believe him now.”

“Didn’t you before?”

“No, I’m a nature photographer and I came up here to prove him wrong.” He chuckled. “Grandma hated that he would come up here so often. She always accused him of being drugged out on laurel leaves.”

“That is what needs to be believed. Nymphs and Dryads are no longer part of the human world. Most don’t really want to be.” Daphnaie giggled. “Not that we don’t have a use for them.” She waggled her brows suggestively at him until he barked with laughter.

“Point taken. I’m definitely at your disposal.” He sighed. “I wonder how often he came up here. Grandma has wanted him to sell this land for years.”

Daphnaie stiffened and rolled to face him. “What do you mean?”

“My family has owned this land…” He looked at her frown. “We’ve held title, protected this glen and the surrounding mountains for a couple of centuries. It has been passed down with the notation that no trees can be cut down, any buildings built, and no manmade items ever to be permanently erected.”

Daphnaie nodded. Levi continued.

“Grandpa is upset because Grandma had convinced the rest of the family to sell. It’s his final decision, but she can, and has, made his life hell about it. Knowing my work, he figured that I could be persuaded to side with him.” He smiled. “I agreed to come up here for a week, use the opportunity for more nature photos and camp out. Little did I know what I would discover.”

Daphnaie was looking at him, her expression inscrutable. “You wanted to sell this land too?”

“No. Not really. I always figured that if so many generations had wanted it preserved, there must have been a reason. I didn’t see a reason for it to be sold and I especially know why it can’t be done now. Your home and all the magical creatures reside here, don’t they?” Daphnaie nodded, a smile lighting her eyes.

“Now I know why my tree was stuck by lightning.” She rolled against his side and snuggled into him.

“Oh? Care to clarify it?” He tightened his arm around her, bringing her closer.

“Gaia must have known. She needed to have you see why it was so important that this land was preserved. She freed me from my tree so I could help.”

He laughed. “Oh you helped, alright. My body is exhausted from pleasure and my dick is limp from the workout it’s been given.” She giggled kissing his side. “I’m going to make sure that the only one who gets this land is me. I’ll talk to my grandpa when I go home.”

“Are you sorry?”

He rolled her to her back, leaning over her and looked her in the eye. “No. Never. I’ll only be sorry if it ends.”

“Truly?” She smiled at him.

“Truly. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you.” He tightened his arms around her, shifting to his side. “I don’t ever want to let you go.” He looked at her, sincerity in his eyes.

“That’s a good thing. Because Gaia freed me from my tree, like I said, and I’m no longer bound to it.” She rolled him to his back and crawled on top of him. “I can stay with you forever. But I do need to make sure my tree is nurtured and healthy,” she said as she smiled slyly, “and fruitful.”

“Are you sure?” He leaned up and kissed her.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“I can keep you.” There was a definite note of satisfaction in his voice. He tightened his arms around her and pulled her down for a kiss.

The wind sighed in happiness around them.




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