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Book Spotlight ~ On Par With A Fairy ~ Lyla Bardan

On Par with a Fairy
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance short novella, published by Boroughs Publishing Group.

Blurb: When sixteen-year-old Travis meets enchanting fairy Lark, legend speaks of a fated union, but his parents disagree. Can fairy legend prove stronger than parents, prejudice and the inevitable parting that must come with summer’s end?


Lark was holding on to the deck rail, staring up into the evening sky with longing. Her voice broke when she spoke. “I’ll never fly again. I’ll never see my fairy friends again or sip the golden nectar from the lilies and mistflowers. What have I done? I had to use all my fairy magic to initiate the change. Now there’s no going back.” She turned to face him, eyes filling with tears. “I had no idea being human was like this. I don’t have a family. I don’t have a home. I have no money, no job…”

Travis didn’t know what to say. He felt awful, but maybe his dad was right; this wasn’t his problem. He hadn’t forced her to become human. It had been her choice, her decision. Why had she done it? He wasn’t responsible for her. He couldn’t be. He was only sixteen. But when he looked at her trembling face, more than anything he wanted to be with her. He wanted to protect her. Everything about her felt right.

“Lark, I don’t know what I can do. I want to help you, but…”

“I know,” she said. She reached up and touched his face.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her, felt the warm wetness of her tears on his cheeks, drank in the sweet taste of her lips. Her hair smelled like the woods after a rain. He broke off the kiss when he heard the patio door open.

“Dad says to come inside,” Brandon said.

Travis scowled. “Mom said I was supposed to walk Lark home.”

“Yeah, well, Dad says to come inside.”

“I have to go,” he said to Lark. He dropped his voice to a whisper. “I’ll meet you by the rocky ledge tomorrow morning. We’ll brainstorm. We’ll come up with a plan. We’ll find you a place to live and I can give you some money I’ve saved.”

She nodded, and Travis gave her a quick kiss. Reluctantly he withdrew from her grasp and followed his younger brother inside.

Brandon’s hand remained on the door handle. “Travis? I can put out a box of Cheerios for her if you want.”

“That’s not gonna help!”

The boy’s face fell, and Travis grimaced. It wasn’t his brother’s fault. “But thanks anyway.”

Travis avoided his father’s stern gaze and ran up the stairs to his bedroom. Slamming the door, he sat on the edge of his bed. His stomach was churning. He felt terrible leaving Lark outside alone. Jumping up, he peered out his bedroom window. She was walking along the shoulder of the road. In the fading summer light she seemed to exude a shimmer of her former fairy incandescence. Travis remained standing at his window until her small figure disappeared around the bend.

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Author Bio: Lyla Bardan mostly lives in her head, frolicking in a fantasy world. When pressed upon, she’ll admit to living in the picturesque state of Wisconsin with her handsome husband and two dogs. She loves reading and writing Young Adult fiction.

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