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Jean Jochem is in the hotseat- Grant Hollings interviews HER!


GRANT: All your characters have been waiting for this chance. They’ve chosen me because I’m a lawyer and the best at giving you a good grilling. Get in the witness box, please…oh, my mistake. Sit where you are. Why did you decide to write these stories?

Jean: Because you all came to me and said, “write my story…please.” You begged me. How could I turn you away?

GRANT: A likely story! Wait a minute. What? *steps aside to talk to Mac Caldwell*. Oh. Mac confirms what you say is true. Assuming we did come to you, why did you put so many obstacles in our way…too many dilemmas and not enough sex!

Jean: Have to make you earn your love scenes.

GRANT: Why of all the manipulating, controlling…

Jean: But they were worth waiting for, weren’t they?

GRANT: *nods slowly*, Well, yes. Maybe. Yeah, I guess so *grins foolishly*

MIKE: Love scenes? Love scenes? We’ve got a whole group over here still waiting for love scenes! Talk to Drew, Gavin and me! What happened to our love scenes?

Jean: You’re in sweet books. No love scenes for you!

MIKE: The Love Scene Nazi! Revolt!!

GRANT: Calm down, Mike! This is my cross examination…er, interview. If you want to tear her apart later, hey, that’s up to you. But now, she’s mine! *rubs hands together*.

Jean: Anyone complaining about their love scenes? Men, step forward.
Murmurs in the crowd but no one moves.

I didn’t think so.

GRANT: You win that round. Now on to my complaint. How come MEMORIES OF LOVE is shorter than the other books?

Jean: Not much shorter, maybe five or six thousand words.

GRANT: Yeah, and cheaper, too! What’s that about? *crosses arms over his chest.*

Jean: Sorry, but that was all I needed to tell your story. Besides, being a little less expensive might bring you more sales!

GRANT: Hadn’t thought of that. *Danny slips him a piece of paper* Wait. I’ve got a question from Danny Maine. “Is it true you want to sleep with all your heroes?” Oohh, good one, Danny.

Jean: *blushes furiously* I admit nothing. I plead the fifth.

GRANT: Aha! Gotcha! So you DO want to sleep with your heroes? Hey, that includes me, too. *smiles salaciously* Why didn’t you say so? Cara’s off shooting a movie. What are you doing after the interview?



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