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Jean Jochem is in the hotseat- Grant Hollings interviews HER!


GRANT: All your characters have been waiting for this chance. They’ve chosen me because I’m a lawyer and the best at giving you a good grilling. Get in the witness box, please…oh, my mistake. Sit where you are. Why did you decide to write these stories?

Jean: Because you all came to me and said, “write my story…please.” You begged me. How could I turn you away?

GRANT: A likely story! Wait a minute. What? *steps aside to talk to Mac Caldwell*. Oh. Mac confirms what you say is true. Assuming we did come to you, why did you put so many obstacles in our way…too many dilemmas and not enough sex!

Jean: Have to make you earn your love scenes.

GRANT: Why of all the manipulating, controlling…

Jean: But they were worth waiting for, weren’t they?

GRANT: *nods slowly*, Well, yes. Maybe. Yeah, I guess so *grins foolishly*

MIKE: Love scenes? Love scenes? We’ve got a whole group over here still waiting for love scenes! Talk to Drew, Gavin and me! What happened to our love scenes?

Jean: You’re in sweet books. No love scenes for you!

MIKE: The Love Scene Nazi! Revolt!!

GRANT: Calm down, Mike! This is my cross examination…er, interview. If you want to tear her apart later, hey, that’s up to you. But now, she’s mine! *rubs hands together*.

Jean: Anyone complaining about their love scenes? Men, step forward.
Murmurs in the crowd but no one moves.

I didn’t think so.

GRANT: You win that round. Now on to my complaint. How come MEMORIES OF LOVE is shorter than the other books?

Jean: Not much shorter, maybe five or six thousand words.

GRANT: Yeah, and cheaper, too! What’s that about? *crosses arms over his chest.*

Jean: Sorry, but that was all I needed to tell your story. Besides, being a little less expensive might bring you more sales!

GRANT: Hadn’t thought of that. *Danny slips him a piece of paper* Wait. I’ve got a question from Danny Maine. “Is it true you want to sleep with all your heroes?” Oohh, good one, Danny.

Jean: *blushes furiously* I admit nothing. I plead the fifth.

GRANT: Aha! Gotcha! So you DO want to sleep with your heroes? Hey, that includes me, too. *smiles salaciously* Why didn’t you say so? Cara’s off shooting a movie. What are you doing after the interview?



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Jean Joachim is an author, married, a mother of two boys and owner of a rescued pug named Homer. She writes contemporary romance and has more than a dozen contemporary romance books published with more scheduled to be released within the coming months. Jean has been writing non-fiction for over twenty years and fiction for three. Her review column, “Movie Choices for Kids” has been syndicated on parenting newspapers websites for the past 12 years. A native New Yorker, she still lives in New York City. Her website address is:

Twitter: @jeanjoachim

The Divinities series is now available in Print!


Forgotten Visions:
Kalissa Bradenton isn’t your average coffee shop owner. Born to an elite witch bloodline with a rare genetic mutation, she’s a Divinity on a mission. The death of her parents sends her away from her Maxville, Florida, home and into an ancient war between witches and demons. When childhood friend Ayden Daniels comes to her aid after an almost fatal accident, visions of a past she doesn’t remember sparks an old flame and new desires. With the past slowly becoming clearer, she eagerly sets her sights on mending Ayden’s heart and gaining his trust–until a ghost from her past returns to claim her as his demonic mate.

Ayden, the new Sheriff of Maxville and grandson of the oldest living Divinity, is investigating a series of Divinity killings. When he comes face-to-face with the one woman he hopes to have little to no contact with, old pain rises, quickly followed by anger and resentment. Through his rare power of adaptability, he learns actions from the past may not be what they seem. Hope fills his broken heart and determination pushes him to do whatever it takes to win Kalissa’s heart once more before he loses her forever.

Together they must find the strength to mend their tormented souls, while fighting an evil out to destroy the world.

Death’s Storm:
Technical genius and demi-goddess–aka Divinity–Khloe Bradenton relies on no one for help, and she definitely doesn’t need comfort from anyone other than her twin. After her parents died by the demons’ hands over two years ago, she has graciously stepped up to her place in the war between demons and witches. When a creature far more dangerous than the ones responsible for killing her parents claims he is her guardian, she is torn between her desires for the dark predator and the painful loss she has endured at the hands of her enemies.

One of the last death demons still in existence, Jagger has pledged his life to the Goddess Hecate. Charged with the guardianship over the Divinities, he is never to approach them, but to aid them from a distance. When the firestorm, Khloe, sacrifices herself to save her twin and best friend and becomes the prey, he has no choice but to reveal himself to her. He is taken by surprise when the need to claim her as his own emerges. A desire he has never felt before could be more dangerous than the demons out to destroy them.

Forgotten Visions
Death’s Storm