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From me to You Friday- What’s in a Song? – Tamara Hoffa

What’s in a Song?

I love music and often have it playing in the background when I write. But, I also see parallels to my stories in certain songs. My New Release Roping Love make me think of

Because Carrie and Chance needed to be apart before they could truly be together.


So I’ve asked a few of my author friends what song they associate with their latest release.

First up: Sarah Cass, Masked Hearts MaskedHearts_MED


Mahalia Levey, Embrace the Moment



Robert Wacaster, Kiss the Darkness

I love this one! Robert said he actually based Kiss the Darkness on this song and lyrics and than realized that due to copyright issues he couldn’t use the song lyrics, so he wrote original song lyrics of his own for the book! What talent.

Alexa Bourne, Carry Me Home

I usually have a soundtrack for each book and every story has 1 main song that “fits” it perfectly, at least in my mind. My June 5th Decadent Tease book, Carry Me Home, was inspired by “I Will Carry You” by Selah. I clicked on it while I was playing around on youtube and instantly I knew it was the song for my Carry Me Home couple. I still get teary eyed whenever I listen to it and it always brings me back to the difficulties the characters work through to find their Happily Ever After.


Carry me Home is coming June 4, you can read more about at Alexa’s blog

And last but not least my friend Jean Jochem was inspired by one of my favorite songs

When she wrote her bestselling novel Now and Forever, A Love Story.


When she wrote Love Lost and Found. Aren’t they great choices?
You can find Jean’s books at

As you can see we authors an an eclectic bunch! From Country to Rock and spanning the decades music plays an import role in all our lives. I hope you enjoyed this look at the music that inspired us.

Leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite inspirational song!