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Character Interview – Raphael – Sekmet’s Guardian – V.S. Nelson

Interview with Raphael, Hero in Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book Two – Eternal Nights


Tamara: (a handsome 6’4” hunk, with dark auburn hair, walks in. He smiles and I can’t help but smile back at his sparkling hazel eyes. I can tell he’s about 240 lbs of solid steel. The great looking piece of eye candy is dressed in a black western suit, a black Stetson, and black snake skin cowboy boots. I catch a glimpse of the silver from the guns hidden under his jacket when he reaches across the space between us and offers me his hand. I shake his hand then ask him to take a seat.)

Beverly: I’d like to welcome, Raphael, one of the heroes from V.S. Nelson’s series, Sekhmet’s Guardians. Raphael, thank you for joining us today.

RAPHAEL: Thank you for having me. I know you were expecting the author or at best Gabriel, the director of Guardians Inc but he got tied up. Actually, I think he took Jennifer shopping again… but let’s not tell him I spilled the beans, OK?

Beverly: Not a problem? So has Jennifer got him tied down?

RAPHAEL: Not, really, he just likes to spoil her. Jennifer has never been one to hang out at malls, but she’s learning. Alice, her best friend is crazy for shopping and I think it is wearing off on everyone. Just yesterday I stopped by one of her favorite shops and picked this up for Jessica.

Raphael, reaches in his inside pocket and pulls out a pair of platinum pair of dolphin earrings. They eyes are of course diamonds

Tamara: Wow, that’s some little trinket you’ve got there. I know she is going to love it. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and Jessica. I understand book two in V’s series is about the two of you.

RAPHAEL: I’d be happy to. The story starts shortly after Jennifer and Gabriel return from their ten week honeymoon. I actually had thoughts I was going insane… maybe I had stayed on Earth too long or something. I had no idea what was going on with me. You see, I started hearing voices but didn’t tell anyone. Then I started have these pretty explicit dreams. I convenienced myself I’d met an angel, cause she sure looked like one. Jessica is an unusual woman to say the least. Here I brought a recent picture of her.

Raphael pulls out his wallet and shows me a picture of Jessica

Beverly: Wow, she’s pretty. But isn’t she kind of young for you?

RAPHAEL: Jess is only twenty, fixing to turn twenty one in a couple of days. That’s why I bought the earrings. Anyway, she’s very mature for her age.

Tamara: So while you were going crazy, what was going on with Jess? Was she going crazy too?

RAPHAEL: Oh not at all. You see, Jessica spent her life, well most of it anyway, seeing through the eyes of another being. Her grandmother in an attempt to save her life when she was born placed her life essence inside Nowaki, Jennifer’s pet wolf. No one including Jennifer knew Jessica existed since her grandmother died shortly afterwards. From what Jess tells me she was pretty content to live out her life that way until I went to pick Nowaki up at a boarding kennel. It was shortly after that, Jennifer and Gabriel got married and took off on their honeymoon. Jen left Nowaki in my care. Jessica’s consciousness became stronger and she began to reach out to me the only way she knew how. Eventually, her dead grandma made an appearance and explained things to Jennifer. Told her she had to do a ritual to save both Jess and the wolf. So we all packed up and headed back to California, that’s where she was born, and Jen performed the ritual without any preparation since Nowaki was attacked by a cougar. We spent a week or so in the mountains teaching Jess how to walk and eat like a human. It also gave us time to get to know each other better—not that we hadn’t already done that in my dreams.

Beverly: Wow, so is Jess like Jennifer? Can she do all the tricks Jennifer does?

RAPHAEL: They share similar abilities since they are both half Selkie. If you don’t know, Jess is mute, but she can communicate with anyone she wants to. She simply projects her thoughts into you and you hear her just as though she had spoken the worlds out loud. Ronan, her father told me it was an unusual Selkie trait. I think both women are still learning what they can and cannot do. Both swim at incredible speeds as you know and both have the ability to change form… slightly, but I don’t want to tell you too much more as I want you to enjoy the little surprises in the series.

Tamara: OK, what else can you share with us about you and the other Ancients mentioned in the series. Where do you come from?

RAPHAEL: I was a member of Sekhmet’s elite forces, on our home world, New Tuat, when she asked for volunteers for a special mission. I and six other stepped forward without knowing what was involved with that mission. Sekhmet led us through a portal between your world and ours where we ended up in ancient Egypt. We’ve been here on Earth ever since.

Beverly: So you’re an alien?

RAPHAEL: Yes but after this long I think we consider Earth our home.

Tamara: So, why are you here really? Is there something or someone we should be afraid of?

RAPHAEL: We came here to track down and destroy the followers of Set’s Legions. Sadly, they multiply like roaches. They too came from our world but do not see humans as we do. They would just as soon turn the human race into their private feeding lot.

Beverly: Are they vampires?

RAPHAEL: Close enough.

Tamara: If you came from the same world, does that mean you are…? (Raphael raises his hand and I forget what I was asking.)

RAPHAEL: We may be from the same world but we are nothing like those soulless bastards. We came here not only to destroy them; we came here to protect the human race.

Beverly: I see. So what else can you tell us about Eternal Nights?

RAPHAEL: If I was to summarize the book or the series, I would say it’s not just another band-of-brothers paranormal romance. Eternal Nights is a story of a woman’s attempt to reclaim herself and her freedom. As you know, V’s books center more on the women we come into contact with. There is plenty of action, love, romance and suspense for everyone since the stories are multi-plotted. I’ve brought with me a little snippet from the book, one I hope you will enjoy. It is the scene where I was shot by one of Set’s men when Nowaki and I were out in the wilderness.


Jessica knew she had to take control of Nowaki’s body. Blood was pouring out of Nowaki’s side and from her front leg. She was severely injured and gasping for air but that didn’t stop her from ripping the man’s throat out who hurt her Raphael. She had avenged him!
The cut on her leg prevented her from walking on all fours. Using her only good leg to pull her body, she crawled, dragging her rear legs behind her. She’d make it back to Raphael if it killed her.
Finally he was in sight.
Thank God, he is breathing… barely. Blood soaked the front of his shirt as he lay on his back. His knees were bent at an angle from where he fell. She licked off the blood from his face and tried to find a way to comfort him. She crawled up on his chest, her head buried into the crook of his neck. If all is lost, so be it. We three shall pass into another world together.
She lost the feeling in her extremities. Cold, she was so cold. She didn’t know the blood from the cut on her right leg continued to drip down into his opened mouth. Then warmth filled her from the inside as she began to feel Raphael’s hands upon her back. Jessica, comforted by Raphael’s embrace closed her eyes and allowed the darkness to fall upon her.
Raphael’s eyes fluttered open. He saw the familiar woman with her long platinum hair blowing in the wind as she walked towards him. Her face was all too familiar yet he still didn’t know who she was. He searched his mind trying to remember if she’d ever told him her name in all the hours they spent making love in his dreams. He was too weak from blood loss to focus his cognitive abilities–instead he just stared at the beautiful angelic looking young woman who knelt down beside him.
Wondering if he was dreaming again he finally asked, “Who are you?”
She brought her finger up to her lips in a motion to quiet him. Her lips didn’t move yet he heard her say, “I am the one for you.”
The beauty leaned over him, her long hair draping him in a coverlet of warmth. He looked into her eyes. Those eyes, there is something about those eyes.
She took her wrist and placed to his lips.

He heard her say, “Drink and live.”
He was too weak to do anything else. He closed his eyes and took which she offered so freely. His nostrils filled with the scents of benzoin and orange blossoms. The warm ambrosia of her blood tasted sweeter than the finest navel oranges he had ever sampled. He moaned, then moaned again as his body reacted instantly to her life giving blood. His pulse quickened, his heart skipped a couple of beats and his erection grew to its full length yet it remained hidden behind the zipper of his pants. Having his angel on top of him, feeding him, in real life and not in a dream, was beyond his wildest fantasy. Raphael knew in that one moment she was the only woman for him and he would go to his grave before he took another.

Tamara: I know your time is valuable so let’s close here for now… Any final thoughts for our readers?

RAPHAEL: It’s been fun. I’ll check back later and answer any questions your readers may have for me.

Beverly: One more quick question… Where can we find you and V.S. Nelson’s books?

RAPHAEL: You can find me and my brethren along with a lot of good looking women on Virginia’s website.
Her books are available in print, large print and kindle format through Amazon.
Every now and then V lets me post on her fb author page or the Guardian’s fb page , From what I understand we will all be attending the Arizona Dreamin’ conference and the in August of next year. I know V is planning on dragging us to a few book signings across the country but I haven’t the foggiest idea where all those are going to take place. You might want to visit V’s website to get the dates and places for upcoming appearances.

Tamara and Beverly: If you’d like to know more about Raphael and the amazing hunks that hang around their lake estate please pick up a copy of V.S. Nelson’s SEKMET’S GUARDIANS – BOOK ONE – ETERNAL LOVERS, and her second book in the series, ETERNAL NIGHTS. Raphael has informed us Ms. Nelson will personally sign a copy of either book for you if you drop her a line through her website and ask nicely.