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Review- Dragon in Chains- Tony V Sweeney


In the sequel to THE ROSE AND THE DRAGON, Happily Ever After appears in sight for everyone in the House of Andrus. As Dominic puts into motion his plans to transform his family into law-abiding citizens, brother Kit flaunts Imperial law to openly declare his love for Miranda Wilson. Son and heir Niki prepares for his long-awaited marriage to his beloved Ardala.

Then tragedy strikes as old nemesis Detective Ceran Synubis arrests Kit, Dom, and Niki, and takes Miranda into protective custody. In the clutches of an alien justice system where a man is guilty unless he can prove otherwise, Miranda is forced to be the Prosecution’s chief witness in a trial where the truth will convict the man she loves of a crime he didn’t commit, unless a miracle, or a long-hidden secret, can save him…

Cara’s Review
The sequel to the Rose and the Dragon by Sweeney, Dragon in Chains provides another great read. Note: you must read the first novel to understand this one. This book is quite different from the action packed first novel, instead focusing on Miranda Wilson’s assimilation into Gataen culture. There are many misunderstandings, lessons, and acceptance of the cultural differences. In all honesty, I wasn’t 100% sure where the book was going…and then I got to the end. I loved, loved, loved the end of this book. It was an absolute, perfect conclusion- and I won’t say anymore for risk of ruining things.

While a family tree would certainly be helpful in understanding the complex (and sometimes confusing) relationships between characters, they are all easy to relate to, all with complete personalities and backgrounds. Each family member is a fully fleshed out character, and not just a shadow written in to keep place. I really liked that fact, as too many authors create cardboard constructs to haunt the background of their books.

My suggestion? Purchase both books, and read them immediately one after the other. You will get the most out of the story, and have a really great time reading them. I promise you won’t be disappointed by Sweeney’s work. I did bump this novel down to a four, rather than a five star (which I gave the first one) because I really was a bit confused in the beginning of the book about where Sweeney was taking us. However, I should have had faith….in reality, it is a glimpse into an alien society, and a very real presentation on how a person might find their own place in that society. The other reason I downgraded it to a four start was because I didn’t understand Miranda’s attitude towards what she perceived to be a homosexual relationship; she was okay with finding herself in an alien culture, but was still distressed with the thought of a marriage between the two? I didn’t think that was consistent with her character at all. It was a teeny, tiny part of the book- but it’s a hot topic, and just seemed a bit of a silly thing for Miranda to even think twice about.

Anyway, all that aside! Do yourselves a favor and read about the further adventures of Miranda and the Andrus family!

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