The Fabric of Reality by Benjamin Kelly

fabric of reality cover

Hearts 3

Alesia and Gil’s story is somewhat confusing, especially with the tech of Gil’s world, and comprehension of Windows and Doorways. However, if you’re just looking for a good story to pass the time, it’s a worthwhile option. Unfortunately, it leaves lots of unanswered questions, questions on the different realities, what it all means, and what the future holds.

Each world holds an awesome background story, but unfortunately, only a short snippet of circumstances are shared. I feel the book would have been improved upon greatly if more information was forthcoming about the realities, as well as the differences between us. This book contains an absolutely fabulous premise, but falls somewhat short in delivery.

Perhaps, if further books are forthcoming, going into more details, it would provide a more satisfactory telling. All that being said, if you are a sucker for sci-fi romance, and just read the tale between Alicia and Gil as is, it is a lovely tale of two individuals searching to free themselves from a deathly fate.

Flame 1

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