#Review ~ Home to Me ~ Ruth Cardello

Home to Me

by Ruth Cardello

Nick Andrade:
Sexy, charming, bad boy. He’s never been a one woman man, but he’s willing to give it a try every Saturday with Rena.

Rena Sander:
Confident, caring, a woman who plays by the rules. She’s never been in love, and thinks keeping sex with Nick contained to one day a week will protect her heart.

He’s the hot fantasy she’s always craved.
She’s the only woman he’d consider reforming for.

When their relationship is exposed and they must defend it, will these two lovers discover that home is in each other’s arms?

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Allyson’s Review:

I absolutely love all of Ruth Cardello’ s books! Every time she writes she captures your full attention and makes it impossible to put down. Home to Me was no exception. The reader goes through numerous emotions and by page 2 I was laughing out loud.
This was Nick’ s and Rena’ s Story. Nick was the playboy brother who didn’t take anything seriously except having fun. Hidden underneath his playboy ways was a kind, smart, intelligent, thoughtful and a protective person with a great heart. He was still sexy and adventurous either way. Nick realized that there was more to life than drinking and partying. But by coming to that decision proved not to be an easy road, truths were revealed, people were hurt! Making it difficult for Nick and Rena to weather the storm.
Rena lived her life to please others not herself. Finding herself while Nick is finding himself has the potential to lead to trouble, not to mention family issues as well as nobody wants them together!
This book will definitely grab your attention and keep you turning page after to page, only to get to the end to be sad it’s over. This is a book, I highly recommend reading. It was a wonderful read!

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