Bear Sentry ~ Ruby Shae

Portrait of a young sexy shirtless man in underwearTitle: BEAR SENTRY

Series: The Enforcers, Book 2

*This book is part of the brand new Southern Shifters KindleWorld by Eliza Gayle!

Author: Ruby Shae



Twitter: @AuthorRubyShae




After a routine mission turns deadly, bear shifter and former Enforcer, Jase Wagner is lost. The ability to trust his senses disappeared with the death of his partner and left him feeling worthless and unable to protect his clan. In an effort to find a place to fit in, he travels south and ends up in Deals Gap, North Carolina.

Violet Black lives in the neutral zone between the wolf and cougar clans, otherwise known as Deals Gap. In a town of hybrids, a half-wolf and half-human shifter is nothing special, but being a curvy, plus-sized virgin with no shifter senses definitely makes her a freak. Luckily, no one ever gets close enough to learn the truth.

When Jase walks into the coffee shop where Violet works, his whole world flips upside down. He immediately recognizes her as his mate, but when she runs, he realizes his senses still can’t be trusted. As much as he thinks he wants Violet, he vows to leave her alone…until she forces him to protect her.


Jase Wagner closed his eyes and sighed as he cut through the cool mountain air on his motorcycle. The long, straight stretch of highway in front of him was the refuge he’d sought when he’d left home, but his plan had backfired. Instead of escape, the lengthy, uneventful ride allowed his mind to wander back to the day Montgomery died.

As if on cue, sharp pains erupted from the hidden two inch scar on the back of his head.

Phantom pains.

In the month since the attack, his hair had grown back and he’d been approved to return to work. Unfortunately, he’d lost more than a lot of blood that day. He’d lost his partner, his best friend, and his edge.

The healer had warned against dwelling on the past, but so many questions from his attack remained unanswered.

Another sharp pain jolted through him as he remembered the interrogation he’d endured from Logan, the Lead Enforcer, and several of his peers. He and the officer who’d found him had been the only two suspects, and the team had grilled them hard. They were immediately assumed guilty and questioned, even as everyone mourned the loss of their friend.

Once he and the other man’s innocence had been determined, the team supported his return to work, but he sensed their underlying lack of trust.

He didn’t blame them.

He’d proved himself an easy target, resulting in the death of a trusted friend, and he still couldn’t remember any details of the ambush. After a grueling two week recovery period, he’d demonstrated his uselessness on two missions, and Logan had reduced his duties to nothing more than those of an errand boy.

He’d been told it was a temporary move until his confidence returned, but he knew otherwise. The Enforcers were made up of the best of the best, and he no longer fell into that category. After two weeks of embarrassingly simple tasks, and unnecessary partnering that felt more like babysitting, he’d turned in his resignation. Logan had ripped up the paper and sent him on an indefinite leave of absence, but he knew he would never return to the team.

The Enforcers were the police and security of his bear clan, and he’d lost his ability to protect.

His cell-phone vibrated in his back pocket, and he roared a curse into the wind. Logan, Mason and Jacob had been keeping tabs on him with seemingly random texts, and their concern, while appreciated, was beginning to get on his nerves. He knew they cared, but he also knew they were too busy to chat via text every other day.

He just wanted to be left alone.

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