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Review ~ Press Paws by Celia Kyle

Press Paws

There’s no pause button in life? Ha! She’s just the fabulously fluffy werefeline to create one.

Hannah Buchanan is the oldest daughter to the Buchanan werelion clan leader, twin to Katie Buchanan, and… and blah, blah, blah. Hannah is a lot of things, but she refuses to be defined by her family and their connections. She’s more than an honorable, fertile womb destined for a political mating.

So she’s pressing the paws button and retreating to Deals Gap, North Carolina. Her adopted werebunny sister calls the small town home and it’s the perfect place for Hannah to hide. Then she meets the gaze of one green-eyed, black-haired, sexy as all get out werelion-wolf hybrid. He calls to her lioness like no one before. And, well, he should since… he’s her true mate!

Too bad for Hannah, her contracted mate followed her to Deals Gap and is determined to have her—even if it means murdering her true mate first. Will her mixed-breed mate be able to take down a pureblood werelion? Or will Hannah end up in a political mating after all?


Beverly's ReviewI’m loving Deals Gap and the Buchanans! Sassy and sexy! This werelioness has no doubt she’s met her match when she lays eyes on her mate a lion-wolf hybrid. Hannah will do what it takes to catch her man. Lions are a bit lazy though so she knows she has to entice him. Hannah didn’t count on the wolf in her mate! Nothing they like better than the chase, well, maybe catching what they are after!

Nothing is ever simple though. Add in a smart mouth, a pissed off jilted fiance and a promise to the Buchanan Alpha and this crazy romance, might, just might end up in a satisfactory mating.

Sparks fly and your ereader will steam as Hannah and Ryland come together in another entertaining and laugh out loud tale by Celia Kyle.