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Lightning Strike ~ part 2

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LightningStrike_fullresHe carefully lifted her and moved her to his sleeping bag. She was light as a feather. Levi zipped the bag up around her to keep her warm and to keep his gaze away. He pulled off his shirt, stuffing it under her head to cushion her from the ground. He wiped her face with some of his bottled water and a washcloth. He checked his first aid kit, but realized the items he had wouldn’t help, consisting mostly of band-aids and alcohol pads. He was prepared for wounds, not burns, though she didn’t appear to have either.

Unable to do more for the unconscious woman, Levi stayed near her. She was small, but then most women and even men seemed small to him. He stood over six feet in height, which had always made him stand out. He brushed his hand over her hair, pushing it back from her face. She had to have been hit by the same lightning bolt that hit the tree. Her hair was a multi-hued chestnut, singed at the edges. She was lucky, but then again, she had yet to awaken. He had not detected any head wounds, but without anything other than his hands to check, he could not be sure.

As he ran his hand over her hair checking to be sure he had not missed any damage to her head, she stirred. Levi looked down into leaf green eyes. He could see the confusion on her face.

“How are you feeling?” She gazed at him, dazed, obviously not understanding. “You were hit by a lightning bolt. It’s a good thing you weren’t killed.” A dawning look of understanding came over her face. “What were you doing in the tree?”

She opened her mouth, nothing came out but a strangled sound. Levi grabbed the water bottle, put an arm under her shoulders and carefully lifted her up and gave her a drink. As he poured some water into her mouth, her arms came up to hold the bottle. Levi tried not to stare as he relinquished it to her. When she reached up, she had dislodged the sleeping bag, her pert breasts moving in time to her swallowing. The sleeping bag had instead pooled across the tops of her thighs, giving him a glimpse of a treasure barely hidden.

Levi swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. He held her as she slowly sipped. He couldn’t help but stare. Her skin was golden brown, even toned across her body. Her nipples were a dark raspberry brown, pebbled in the slight breeze. Levi hardened uncomfortably, his erection growing, pressing painfully against the tight denim of his jeans. He wanted a taste of the sweet looking chocolate. But that wouldn’t be right. She needed his help.

“Where did you come from? Where are you staying?” She didn’t answer him, looking at him with her big green eyes as she continued to drink. He continued anyway. “Is your camp site near here? Is there anyone you need me to call?”

She lowered the water bottle from her mouth and stretched, arching back across his arm, raising her breasts within inches of his mouth and groaned. He shook himself to attention. She was injured. He needed to reign in his lust. Her stretch had dislodged the sleeping bag even more. He swallowed. He could see her secrets, bare to his eyes. Her jewel, pink and luscious, peeked out from between her thighs. Her lips were plump, pinker than her nipples with just a hint of chocolate. Levi throbbed, wanting nothing more than to taste her sweetness. “Where does it hurt?” His voice was raspy, his tone deeper as he tried to ignore his arousal.

“My side hurts a little. My skin feels tingly all over.” Her voice was as soft as a whisper in the wind, intoxicating his senses. Levi leaned down, unconsciously tightening his arm, bringing her closer to the protection of his body. Everything about her called to something inside of him. She pointed to her left side stretching and twisting over his arm as he held her close while she tried to show him. He slid his other arm around her hip, to keep her from rolling off the arm that held her up.

“That’s the side you landed on when you fell out of the tree.” She twisted toward him, putting her arms around his neck and pulling his face down as she wiggled around moving up on his chest. Her breast grazed his face, a pebbled nipple running across his lip as she stretched before settling against him with what sounded like an annoyed huff when he didn’t cooperate and bend over. Now both naked breasts pressed against his chest. He got even harder, his cock throbbing painfully against his jeans.

“Check me. Am I hurt?” The breathiness of her voice wound through Levi, tightening his groin and his heart.

“You look okay.” His answer was gruff, Levi was battling his lust against what he knew was right.

“How can you be sure? Shouldn’t you touch me to check?” He groaned. He could feel his erection, the tip leaking and now peeking out the top of his jeans. Her hands slid down his chest as she wiggled down again, seeming secure with his arms holding her up. A nipple grazed the tip of his cock as she squirmed around. Surely she could feel it too. He could feel her skin warm against him, his body seeking hers, his hands holding her steady, trying not to clench her to him.

“You aren’t bleeding. I checked earlier and you didn’t appear to have any broken bones.” He held steadfast, trying not to run his hands over the silkiness of her skin. He knew it wouldn’t take much to break him, especially if he had to run his hands over her warm and evidently willing body again. “Where did you come from? Are you camping near here?”

“But I can tell you if it hurts now.” Ignoring his questions she moved closer, though he hadn’t thought it possible. “Please, will you check?” He nodded grimly, unable to resist her plea, his desire strangling him. The silky skin of her body tore at his control as she wiggled closer against his chest.