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Stealing Hope CoverStealing Hope

I’ll be re-releasing Stealing Hope shortly. I’ve been reediting it prior to releasing it. It will be coming out on Kobo, B&N, ibooks, Amazon, and a couple of other sites. I’ve finished the reediting and it is now ready to go! I have to finish formatting it for release.

I’m also releasing Rise of the Dragons, the prequel to Stealing Hope. If you followed my blog early in 2016, I released it as a serial on here. I’m expanding it and it will only be released as an ebook. It will only be on Amazon and KU for the first three months and then released on the rest of the eRetailers. I’m hunting for a cover for it too.

I’m enjoying bringing Dax and Jasima to life. I hope you will too! It’s not done, but here is a peek! It’s not edited yet, so be gentle!

Rise of the Dragons

Dax felt the change in the world. The rumbles beneath the earth began, slowly. Dax stretched and yawned, nudging his mate Jasima. Attuned to the earth, they woke when the volcanoes began once again to speak to the sky. Each wound of the earth was felt, the pain pouring out in lava and smoke.

“What’s happening?” Jasima yawned, looking over at her mate.

“I don’t know. We need to check it out.” Dax looked toward the tunnel that led to the outside world, pacing in front of it. He worried that more changes would endanger his family. The world had advanced their technology so fast it was no longer safe for them to fly freely. Whatever was happening now couldn’t be good.

The hatchlings stirred; the rumbles of the volcano they nested in making the ground thrum. One hatchling, Ari, stirred, blinking one sleepy eye. The movement of the molten lava through the cave warmed the air. He sniffed the light breeze. The occasional spitting of the lava brought heat, but no harm.

“Shhh, my ciglets, go back to sleep.” Jasima’s soft voice brought a smile to his face. Her humming soothed not only their children, but Dax also. She insisted on calling them her babies when they were all fully grown. But dragons stayed in their family units until they found their mates. To his mate, they would always be her ciglets.

Dax snickered. A term that had their boys scowling when she used it. Despite their groans, Dax refused to chide her about the term. She could call them anything she wanted. Jasima was his world and he could refuse her nothing. They would learn, once they found their own mates.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for these check out my other Dragon shifter story: Dragons’ Mate!


They had been searching for their mate, but when they find her she is traumatized and scared to be around strange men. They must get her to accept them before they reveal their true natures. Will their love be strong enough to break down her barriers? Could she truly be destined to love two dragons?

Today Annie’s dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome—and true love.

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