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Just a peek! A Dragon’s Treasure

A dragon’s most desired treasure is his mate, but what if she didn’t want to be?

I should have the cover soon. I have to have the blurb done today and sent off. Final edits should also be back today. So how about a peek at ALMOST final edits? LOL.

* * * *

“Why am I in this God forsaken town?” Connie mumbled. She needed to get out of Chicago and visiting her cousin in the back of beyond in Wisconsin seemed like a good idea at the time. Knowing the small town would be a good place to hide out from the man trying to kill her had clinched it. But the heat! She couldn’t remember it ever being this hot. She regretted bringing the convertible since it had no air conditioning.

The top folded down to catch a breeze. It didn’t help. The air seemed to smother her, wrapping her in a blanket of heat and humidity. The air itself hazy. She stopped at a traffic light, spying a man standing and waiting to cross. Connie’s mouth dried. She couldn’t help but stare. He was mopping his neck with his shirt and muscles rippled in his arms and abdomen. Yummy! Abs to die for, a bit of chest hair with a mouthwatering glory trail running down into low slung Levi’s. A shiver ran through her body. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad if eye candy like this was around.

A slight breeze swirled in the air, fluttering her hair. The breeze continued on to waft past the man. It wrapped around him, and his eyes snapped to hers. He lifted his head in the air and sniffed. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he could smell her. The weight of his gaze, the sudden stillness in his body made her catch her breath. The intent in his eyes, the feel of being his prey froze her. The light turned green. Unnerved, she turned away and drove off, just knowing his eyes followed her.

Connie shook her head as she drove to the edge of town. Trying to laugh away her paranoia. Prey indeed! She didn’t know why the weight of his gaze flustered her, but she wasn’t about to worry about it. Her life was complicated enough at the moment.


So, coming June 16th, 2017… A Dragon’s Treasure