Archive | August 29, 2017

A Heart in Remission

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Commander Cole Ryan had it all, a great career, a loving fiancé, and a spunky twelve-year-old he was ready to call his own, but in one flash, he lost it all. Now Cole struggles to live his life in a new world. Facing a new deployment and the loss of a coveted position, Cole makes the decision to leave his career behind and return to his Georgia home where everything was simpler. Until he meets the one person that could change his life forever. Can he overcome his past and learn to love again?

Marcie Jennings had her life set. She had a great career, wonderful friends, and a boss like no other until one morning her life is changed forever. Suddenly, she becomes an instant mother at twenty-six to a twelve-year-old who had already endured more heartache and loss than anyone her age should have. Marcie is working hard to give her niece a stable life when she meets the tall, brooding stranger who would change her life.
The secrets that each carry could be there undoing. Can they overcome the losses and darkness of their past and forge a new love that will withstand the test of time.