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Sunday Sales! All .99 for Easter ~ Enjoy!

Hello and welcome to Hopping Good Reads.
A wonderful book sale, uniting readers with new and exciting books.

Many genres are on offer (noted in bold), so there should be something for everyone.
Have a browse through the list below.

All books are on sale for 99p/99c on 31st March 2018.

Please click on the cover image (or the red title text next to it) to go to the buy link. 
If you’re in the UK, please click on where it says (Amazon UK link here).

In alphabetical order by author surname, we have:

Lost and Found, by Julia Blake
(Amazon UK link here)
Contemporary Romance

Abandoned by her husband, Arianna Santorini has raised her daughter alone for six long years. She finally meets Luke, who appears to be her ideal man. But disaster strikes, and it’s all systems go.

Into the Fire, by Alex R Carver
(Amazon UK link here)


A dead body, arson, car thefts and stolen electrical goods, how it is all connected? Nathan Stone must figure it out.

* This book is on pre-order; release date 03 April

Love Bites, by TL Clark
(Amazon UK link here)

Paranormal Romance (18+ only)

A rich tale of witchcraft, fae, sorcery, elinefae and dragons; this is a story for all who dare to believe.

Cherry Pie Cure, by M Jane Colette
(Amazon UK link here)

Contemporary Romance

Susan is devastated when she discovers her husband of twenty-two years has been cheating on her.
Pulling herself out of despair, she finds a tribe of internet friends, cherry pie and a delicious new lover.

Consequences, by M Jane Colette
(Amazon UK link here)

Contemporary Romance

Elizabeth inadvertently broke up her law professor’s marriage when they had an affair.
Fifteen years on she’s still coming to terms with the consequences.


Bitter Beginnings: Fallen Cross Pack Book One, by Aliya DalRae
(Amazon UK link here)

Urban Fantasy (15+)

Patrick O’Connell is a loving family man. That is until his good-hearted nature leads him into a dark alley. He must find a way to cope with being a blood-thirsty werewolf and cope with a ruthless leader, to get his family back.

Bitter Challenge: Fallen Cross Pack Book Two, by Aliya DalRae
(Amazon UK link here)

Urban Fantasy (15+)

One year on, Patrick O’Connell is embroiled in legal dealings with his Alpha. The pack think he’s their last hope, but his motivation is his family. Either way, he must challenge the Alpha or lose his soul forever.

The Mage’s Stones, by India Emerald
(Amazon UK link here)

Magical Realism

The Mage Stones are melting, people are starving, and an entire way of life is about to disapper. It’s up to Mistress Morgana to mastermind a plan to deal with the threat once and for all.
But who is the real threat? Is it the Mage herself, or is she just a puppet to her Mage Stone?

Christmas Miracle in July, by R M Gauthier
(Amazon UK link here)

Short Story, Holidays, Romance

Charlotte Rose runs a Christmas store in Christmas town with her father. She enjoys her life until a certain man materializes and turns everything upside down. Jack hates the season, and refuses to fall under the Christmas spell.

A Christmas Miracle on Easter, by R M Gauthier
(Amazon UK link here)

Short Story, Holidays, Romance

Jack, Charlotte and the rest of the gang are back for another holiday miracle in Christmas town. And now Jack has to face Easter. There’s a few family surprises too which may tear them apart.

Saving Grace, by Wendy Hewlett
(Amazon UK link here)

Suspense (18+) – book 1 of the Taylor Sinclair duology

Convicted serial killer Ralph Morse escapes prison. The sister of one of his victims, Taylor Sinclair, intercedes to help protect the woman who was responsible for his capture.

Unfinished Business, by Wendy Hewlett
(Amazon UK link here)

Suspense (18+) – book 2 of the Taylor Sinclair duology

Taylor Sinclair has been caught up in a media frenzy, promoting her book. And it’s about to get worse as Sarah Johnson’s trial draws near.

Dying to be Friends, by EM Swift-Hook and Jane Jago
(Amazon UK link here)

Alternative History / Mystery (16+ recommended) 

Two short mysteries, introducing Dai and Julia to the world.
A prequel to Dying to be Roman.

Who Put Her In? by Jane Jago
(Amazon UK link here)

 Supernatural Mystery (16+ recommended) 

When Ben and Joss Beckett are brought in to rescue an ailing gastropub they don’t expect to put their lives on the line.

My Life As I Knew It, by Peri June
(Amazon UK link here)

Romance, Thriller (13+)

17 year old Maggie witnesses a murder, and is plagued by nightmares.
Can her new friend Sam help?

Mystical Glasses, by Jack Kregas
(Amazon UK link here)

Thriller, Mystery, Crime (15+)

Joey was a poker player with a history who found the Mystical Glasses that allowed him to win at cards. Life was good until he was stalked by a psychopathic killer.
Short stories (12+) 

Three short stories, plus a bonus story.
All are unrelated, but contain a monetary quest and redemption theme.
Romantic Suspense

Sebastian White returns home to find his wife and four week old daughter dead. The police declare it’s a murder & suicide.
But Sebastian has different ideas. Eight years later he manages to find someone who may be able to help him track down the killer.
 Psychological Realism

Andie is a sculptor by day and a secret street artist by night.
As grief and guilt consume her, three of her stone sculptures come alive and  attempt to save her.
Poetry (adult)

‘Stained Glass’ is poetry that reflects the light and shade of life, and all the colours in between.
In rare moments the glass is rose-coloured; elsewhere the window is astonishingly clear.
Horror (YA+)

A graveyard. A talisman. A confrontation with evil personified.
When Phil loses the girl he loves, life as he knows it comes to a screeching halt. Little does he realise that there is so much more yet to be lost.
Fiction, Short Stories

A collection of 14 short stories about women in Indian society. Strong characters can bring positive change.
Non-Fiction, Self Help

A collection of personal incidents of my life which turned into inspirational events after a long struggle. This book is for those who feel stuck or defeated and need inspiration at times.