Archive | August 4, 2018

On the road!

So excited!

Niagara Falls here we come! Heading up into Canada in our new (to us!) RV. I hear it is spectacular from the Canadian side, plus, I’m dying to use my passport!

Hopefully if I ask, they will punch my passport on the border.

In the meantime, my hubby and I are sending in our concealed carry permits for Ohio. That will allow us to carry in almost all states west of the Mississippi. And we still have to get our fingerprints for the Florida permit and send that in.

No worries! We are both US Navy veterans. My specialty was Small Arms Marksman Instructor so I’m very familiar with guns!

Here I am working on an M14 rifle. Photo op, lol. I was in the paper in Seattle WA many, many moons ago!

We figure, better safe than sorry. We want to travel around the US when we retire. Both of us are planning on going by 2020. We’ve had our RV in the shop for the last two weeks for updating. We bought it but knew that there were a few issues. It was built in 1991 after all!

Luckily, the local RV repair fit us in. NOT that we are not paying for it, lol. Not any more than I expected though.

So, I’m going to finish packing. We’re preparing food ahead of time so we only have to pop casseroles in the oven and stocking up for s’mores. You can’t possibly not have a campfire even if you are in an RV!