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“ALL THE FEELS! I’ve never read a book like this, it is completely unique… a beautiful second chance romance, full of twists and turns.” – Goodreads reviewer


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Only a good Doctor can be this bad

Dr. Joel Prescott is back.
He’s cold, calculating, ruthless.
He’s also smokin’ hot and utterly charming.
Dr. Prescott has a plan.
He has his sights set on her.
As much as she fights the attraction she just can’t seem to keep away.
Their chemistry is explosive.

Regan is a nurse with a full-time job and a five-year-old daughter – Ruby.
She doesn’t have time for complications.
Her love life may be none existent but she’s happy, settled.
She has close friends and a support network she relies on.
The last thing she expected was for him to return.
Return and threaten her cozy little world.

She knows he isn’t the man she loved five years ago, but she can’t resist.

Ruby’s life-threatening illness forces revelations about the past.
A past nobody knew would surface.
Regan is faced with a heartbreaking decision.
Joel may have broken her heart all those years ago.
Does he have to power to save it now?

They share a past but can they share a future?