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From Me to You ~ A Dragon’s Fated Heart series

So, after Rise of the Dragons and after Stealing Hope, the dragon saga continues in Finding Faith.

I’m nearing the end, hoping to have it completed before I go back to work next week. Past a couple of beta readers, then off to an editor.

While it is in front of them, I’ll be searching for a cover. Writing the blurb. You know, the hard part!

Faith has taken a couple of journeys to reach the final product, from being a total brat that I couldn’t stand, lol, to a feisty and no holds barred young lady on a mission. I’ve taken so long to finish it because I’ve written it three times!

Finding Faith, which is totally not a religious book by any means will probably end up in Amazon’s religious section, lol. Two of my other books have landed there. I’m sure it is because of their titles. Sorry Amazon! Not sorry.

Here’s a sneak peak of a bit of the beginning of Finding Faith:

Crag leaned over and snagged a little piece of pink cloth from the floor. Clenching his fist, he brought it to his nose. The scent assaulted his nostrils. He breathed deep, the spiciness pervading his lungs. It curled inside of him, clenching his gut. He snapped his eyes open. Crag breathed the scent in again, savoring it. His dick twitched. Lowering his hand, he opened it and gazed down at the delicate panties. The scent assured him they belonged to his mate.

He turned at the gasp behind him. Hope, his brother’s mate looked at him in disgust.

“Is that necessary?”

His lips twitched. “Her scent is strongest in what she wore closest to her body.” He raised his brow, daring her to argue with him.

“Hmpf.” Hope shook her head and gestured for him to leave the room. “Just find my sister.”

Crag shoved the lacy panties in his pocket. He didn’t need them, but he wanted them. Pleased with having something of his mate’s, he quirked a grin at Hope. Patting Hope on the head he turned and left. The growl from her was just a bit of icing on the cake. Crag shook his head as he passed Hope’s grandmother. The twitch of his lips the only sign of his amusement.

Hope you enjoyed!