This past weekend

Sorry! l was MIA, came down with the worst case of the flu I’ve had in years. Suffice to say, you don’t want it. Posts will be sporadic this week. I’m writing this from bed and only those I’ve already agreed to do will go up. So a couple day will be blank unless I feel better. And God, do I hope I feel better. If not off to the doctors I go! Right now I couldn’t make the trip to the doctors and get there without in one piece.

So wash your hands! Stay away from people if you’re sick. Hope you all stay healthy.

One thought on “This past weekend

  1. I’ve got it too. I sub in high schools daily, and tutor 2 nights per week. Yesterday I woke up in misery. 2 Aleve helped me to get through the day. Today I took 2 again, and subbed. Big mistake. Throat too sore to talk loudly enough to be heard over rambunctious students. Coughing spasms. Got home and collapsed on the couch…for 3 hours. Not temperature of 100.2. Yes, the students were snickering about Corona virus. I think it’s just a flu, but I do get the flu shot every year…in August! Oh well. Hopefully canceling out of both jobs for a couple of days will help me recover.

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