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From Me to You – How are you holding up? #pandemic2020

How’s your quarantine going? I’ve been out in the car for drive thru coffee and a meal in the last I don’t know how many days! Over a week in the house. My daughter and husband still work so they’ve been stopping at the store when we run out of stuff on their way home. My husband is security for a manufacturing plant that is considered essential and my daughter is a nurse. Neither has a choice to stay home.

I’m happy to say the toilet paper freak out seems to be done! We can find it on the shelves again. In large part that is due to the stores putting their foot down and imposing limits. The only item I’ve seen totally gone was milk and baby wipes. So that the people that need them, you know, BABIES, weren’t able to get them. It seems weird. Schools are closed. Bars, restaurants, hair salons, gyms and all non essential businesses closed. It’s like a ghost town where I live. That’s hard to say in a town of 16,000 people. It’s a testament to our county that we were one of the last counties in southern eastern Wisconsin to actually have a case of Covid-19. We now have 3 in the county. For once people weren’t trying to get out of Dodge! LOL, I live in Dodge county.

So, since I’ve been stuck at home, we’ve been doing puzzles, playing games, cooking new recipes, babysitting and writing. I just put out Saving Grace (if you missed my posts, lol) and am already working on the next in the series. I’m working on trying to give it a name, but not having any luck with it!I

‘ve been having some of my books on sale, but the Zon will only let me put my books in KU on sale for free and only for 5 days. So, instead, check out my website, I’m going to put the first book of A Dragon’s Fated Heart series up for free. And the prequel. If it will let me. If it won’t I’ll put it down to .01. I’ll do that after I get this posted, so give me an hour! I’m no longer as techy as I used to be! Look for Rise of the Dragons (prequel) and Stealing Hope (book1). It should be under my shop tab. You should be able to download mobi (for kindle) copies and epub (tablets, nook, ipad) copies from there. Hopefully by noon central time, I’ll have it done. If it works, they should be either free or on sale (depending on what it lets me do!) for a week.




So tell me, what are you doing during the pandemic? Give me ideas!


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