From Me to You #mylife

I’m still social distancing. Cooking a lot. Which is one of my passions. As a matter of fact, I enjoy it so much I’m working on a cookbook!

Here is one of the pictures I’ve taken for it. It’s a delicious dish. Easy to make and yummy to eat. Even though it serves four, the two of us can eat almost all of it!

Writing a cookbook is a different kind of bird! While I normally just toss things together, rarely using the same ingredients twice, I’m concentrating more and trying to write while I cook. It’s taken my messy cooking even wilder! I’m enjoying it though. It’s totally different than creating my own world!

Rather than just have it recipes, I’m adding in little tidbits about our preferences for each dish and alternatives if you prefer a healthier diet. Since I’m diabetic, I usually gravitate toward that, but not everyone does. I put the alternatives in notes on the bottom below the recipe.

I’m still working on my novels besides. I’m not giving up my fantasy worlds! Especially my dragons.

In the meantime, since the girls moved out, I’m working on sprucing up the house. Selling off no longer needed items to clean it out. I’m clearing out two of the bedrooms and the hall so I can redo the wood floors. It is time consuming. Once they are all cleared I have to seal off the one room that is holding everything and will rent a sander to get them done. Then sanding and polyurethane the floor.

Plus my garden is growing. Got my first tomatoes though they are tiny!

They weren’t mutant seeds from China, lol. I’ve got a few more ripening I’ll have to get. I’ve got three cute little baby watermelons growing. This year was a huge experiment to see what grows well. Of course the watermelon is. I don’t care for it, lol. But my husband and granddaughter can’t get enough of it. My son either, but he lives in South Carolina.

Well, I’m out to experiment more and pick produce. Have a good Saturday and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see what’s on sale!

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