by Autumn Grey


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‘Tis the season to be jolly. Alexis Foster is not about to let her boss, Griffith Ford, burst her bubble of holiday cheer. Life would be much easier if she didn’t have a crush on him, and his scowls and glowers didn’t make her weak in the knees and her heart race.

Once Upon A Christmas Eve is an opposites attract office romance short story filled with swoonworthy moments.

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by A. Rivers


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“What a fantastic start to this series… a brilliant read” – Goodreads reviewer

I could NOT put this book down! …an intriguing plot, captivating characters and just the right amount of lust to set the pages on fire.” – Amazon reviewer

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I never meant to become the go-to P.R. girl for the biggest jerks in professional sports.
Unfortunately, I built a reputation for turning douchebags into superstars, and now I’m stuck.
When I’m assigned to work with a guy accused of hitting his girlfriend, enough is enough.
I know all about men like Jase ‘The Wrangler’ Rawlins, and I have the emotional scars to prove it.
Mouthy, conceited, and hot as f*ck, he’s used to getting his way.
I want nothing to do with him, but my boss makes an offer I can’t refuse.
My dreams are finally within reach, and the more I get to know Jase, the more I wonder if I’ve gotten him completely wrong.
He may be bossy and infuriating, but he’s hiding a heart as massive as his ego.
Can I let go of the past and trust the feelings growing between us when my career is on the line?

Trouble is nothing new for an MMA bad boy like me, but this time I’m in too deep and can’t get out.
At least, not without help.
That’s where Lena LaFontaine comes in.
All buttoned-up blouses and ass-hugging skirts, she’s a distraction I don’t need, but she’s also the only one who can make my problems go away.
She wants to hate me. I’m not going to let that happen.
I never expect the way I ache to taste her pouty lips and claim her for my own.
My life is on the verge of imploding, and when it does, I’m not sure if I’ll emerge as a champion or be imprisoned for a crime I didn’t commit.
I won’t drag her down with me, but when push comes to shove, I don’t know if I can give her up, either.

Fighter’s Heart is a standalone MMA romance with a cocky alpha hero and a sassy heroine who knows how to keep him in check. It has a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.


#2 Fighter’s Best Friend – Releasing March 18

US: https://amzn.to/3kHnEP9
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A Secret Billionaire Romantic
Comedy Holiday Boxed Set


NOW LIVE & FREE!!! A Billionaire for Christmas: A Secret Billionaire Romantic Comedy Holiday Boxed Set is available now!!! Featuring novels by Carly Phillips, Willow Winters, Laurelin Paige, J. Kenner, Julia Kent, JA Huss & Blair Babylon.

“Best read of the holiday season! …phenomenal boxed set!” – Amazon reviewer

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3lY6dKG
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For surviving 2020, you deserve A Billionaire for Christmas. Heck, you deserve SEVEN billionaires for Christmas.

It’s been a wild ride this year. So 7 of your favorite romance authors have teamed up to raise a glass of eggnog, sit in front of the fire, and give you 7 billionaire holiday romance novels to help you make it through this last month of the year with a hot billionaire by your side, in his Maserati, with his staff cleaning your house.

Thank you, romance authors.

And what’s in this little holiday present just for you, all tied up in a bow?

Infatuation by Willow Winters — “Maybe the chill that traveled down my spine when I first saw him was a warning. A warning that once he laid eyes on me, I was his to keep. A warning that this man would stop at nothing to have me. A warning I wasn’t given until it was too late.”

Sweet Liar by Laurelin Paige — He isn’t looking for love. She’s looking for lessons and is certain he’ll be the best teacher. If he agrees, can this Love Scrooge keep his heart?

A Very Dare Christmas by Carly Phillips — Ian Dare misses the alone time and intense sex life he and his wife shared before their children were born. What’s an alpha man to do? He kidnaps Riley for an erotic weekend away before the Christmas rush overwhelms them both. Riley Dare adores her husband and she’s excited to spend time with him minus distractions on a sexy retreat where anything goes … and spontaneity leads to future surprises. A complete stand-alone for people who haven’t yet read Dare to Love but a special treat for those who want to revisit their favorite couple.

Delight Me by J. Kenner — There’s one special gift Damien wants to give his wife Nikki and their daughters for Christmas… but with a crisis brewing and time running out, can he make it home in time for the holidays?

Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent — When Shannon is called to the mall to work as a sexy Christmas elf, her billionaire boyfriend, Declan, gets roped into playing Santa. The mall mommies start tweeting pictures, and soon everyone is crashing the mall to have a seat on Santa’s lap. Ho ho… ahem.

Bossy Bride by JA Huss — Jesse Boston is the man of my dreams so I’m gonna marry him. I’m not real picky about how that happens but when my mother invites my childhood nemesis, KAREN, to plan our wedding AND be one of my bride’s maids? Uh—no. We’re going to elope to Vegas on Christmas Eve, get hitched in the most ridiculous way possible, and then fly home in time for dinner. We’ve got it all figured out. Nothing can go wrong.

Santa, Baby by Blair Babylon – Peyton Cabot hates his life: being a rock star, performing for screaming crowds, being interviewed for magazines’ hottest musician of the year articles, winning awards, and banking loads of money. Yeah, it sucks to be him. Especially when the one woman who really gets him won’t return his calls anymore. When he goes to see what’s up, he gets a Christmas surprise that really rings his sleigh bells.

(Maserati and house-cleaning staff not included.)

by Catherine Wiltcher


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A steamy, second chance novella to bring you all the feels this Christmas…

★★★★★ “Sexy and entertaining… The perfect blend of angst and humor” – Sammy, Just Let Me Read 

★★★★★ “I will never be able to watch ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the same way again!” Linda, Goodreads

US: https://amzn.to/3mRlFK1
UK: https://amzn.to/2VRD5dF
CA: https://amzn.to/3n8QB8w
AU: https://amzn.to/37JuIX3

Jonas Farley is a Christmas Wrecker.
Two years ago, he broke my heart, and this year he’s on the brink of destroying my father’s legacy.
I hate that man, even though his voice drips like warm honey into unmentionable places…

But even dirty-talking titans of industry can’t escape a reckoning. And this Christmas, Jonas is about to get more than he bargained for.

Three spirits will shine a light on all he’s done to me, and everything in-between the sheets.
Three spirits are going to bring that man to his knees…

And then I’ll make him pay.

* All the profits from the sale of the short novella will benefit a leading cancer charity.

The Slot (Rochester Riot Sports Romance Book 1) by [Colleen Charles]
The Slot (Rochester Riot Book 1)
by Colleen Charles
From the moment we meet cute over powdered sugar, I yearn to melt the icicles dripping from her tailored tweed. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but my desire for this off-limits front office suit puts my Hall of Fame career on the line. Because the woman who I can see as the mother of my children might just turn my world upside down.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**
Studmuffin Santa (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 1) by [Tawna Fenske]
Studmuffin Santa (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 1)
by Tawna Fenske
Jade just wants to run a reindeer ranch and isn’t thrilled her sister hired a hottie to play Santa. But with someone hellbent on wrecking the ranch, hiring a US Marine to be the jolly man in red seems smart. Can Jade and Brandon mesh their wish lists, or will ghosts of Christmas past bring things crashing down like a fat man in an iron sleigh?
  Kindle    Apple    Kobo    Nook    Google  
Gingerbread, Spice, Naughty & Nice: A Three-Book Holiday Collection by [Rachell Nichole]
Gingerbread, Spice, Naughty & Nice: A Three-Book Holiday Collection
by Rachell Nichole
Warm up on the cold winter nights! This 3-book holiday collection of erotic romances is sure to melt your e-reader. Each story follows different relationships, each with its own Happily Ever After, and all set during the Holiday season.

**Free On Kindle Unlimited!**
Rescued for Christmas: A Sweet Holiday Billionaire Romance by [Tamie Dearen]

.99 or free in kindle unlimited

A standalone Christmas romance novella

Rescued for Christmas

Sometimes, the only way to find the road home is to get lost!

Bestselling author Amy Pinkerton is trying to escape her sudden fame and find a writing retreat for the holidays. But everything goes wrong when she gets lost on the back roads of Montana in a snowstorm. Just her luck, her rental car hits a patch of ice and skids off the road. She’s praying she can survive the night inside her car, when a man appears at her window. A man who looks exactly like her book hero!

Country music star Max McCoy hasn’t sung since his wife died. He stays on his ranch and takes care of his nine-year-old daughter. He’s isolated and he likes it that way. Until a magazine article names him “one of the country’s most eligible bachelors” and reveals the location of his ranch. Now crazed females keep showing up at his door, hoping to snag a husband.

When Max finds one of those intrusive fans stranded on his private road in the middle of a snowstorm, he has no choice but to offer her shelter. He’s shocked when Amy doesn’t seem recognize him. Could it be true, or is it all an act? Soon, Amy wins his daughter’s heart, but Max’s heart is completely dead. Or is it?

Will Max open himself to love again? Does he really know Amy well enough to trust her?
Amy’s agent has already bought her a ring. Will she settle for a safe relationship or take a chance on a man she’s only known for a week?

“If you like Hallmark movies, you’ll love this sweet Christmas romance from USA Today bestselling author Tamie Dearen.”
Grab your copy now!

You may have seen this story before if you read all of the Christmas anthology, Love, Snow and Mistletoe. This is a fun Christmas romance novella. I hope you enjoy Max and Amy’s story!

Winter Wager: Stand-alone, Blind Date, Enemies to Lovers, Small Town Holiday Romance (Pine Haven Holiday Romance Book 2)

.99 cents or free in kindle unlimited

What does your archenemy say when you realize he’s your blind date?

“You look as surprised as I feel.” He leans in and presses his lips to my temple, and I breathe in the smell of his skin. The warmth of his breath on the delicate shell of my ear causes goosebumps to cascade down my arms. His mouth nuzzles closer to my ear. “You also look beautiful. But you already know that. As you said earlier, you didn’t wear that dress not to be kissed tonight.”

OMG, Santa, please help! When I asked for a hot boyfriend this year, I didn’t mean the guy who convinced my first love to break up with me!

I could never date Scott Dunn. He’s an arrogant, well-off workaholic who is annoying and irritatingly handsome.

We have too much history, too much pent-up emotion, too much… everything.

This is a holiday blind date nightmare, and people are already starting to stare.

But if Scott Dunn pours me one more glass of wine and gives me one more heated gaze with his teddy-bear-brown eyes, I might be foolish enough to take him up on his ridiculous offer.

He can’t possibly be the only one who can help me stop my family from obsessing over my single status. Can he?

What if no one believes our lie?

What if my heart does?

Will this winter wager lead us to love or to heartbreak?

If you enjoy SWEET and STEAMY holiday romances set in small towns with alpha males who go on blind dates and enemies turn into lovers with the help of a fake romance, then you need to read this book! It will make you laugh and sigh and leave you cheering over its heart-melting ending!

Buy with one click, or read for FREE in KU today!

A Boss For The Holidays : Max & Miracle
.99 cents or free in kindle unlimited

A Boss For The Holidays : Max & Miracle

Rich, spoiled, and self-centered mixed with a little thugism, Richard Maximillion, affectionately known as Max, is very content with his bachelor lifestyle. But his selfish ways and playboy antics are getting very old to his mother and brother. Never wanting to disappoint the two people that means everything to him, Max chills out from his flashy lifestyle and focus on running his dispensary. But who would have thought that chilling out was the best thing for him? Precisely after hiring his new employee, who ignites a blazing fire in him. Trying to keep things professional turns out to be more difficult than a scientific project, especially since the chemistry is at a smoldering intensity.

Losing the love her life and her son’s father shatters Miracle Johnson in more ways than one. A rude awakening prompts Miracle to reach out to her estrange sister. Picking up and moving cross country, reuniting with her sister, and starting anew in a new city is scary yet the most exhilarating thing she has ever done. Love is not on the agenda, but it may become an option, especially after feeling a powerful connection from an unexpected source.

Miracle’s temporary setback proves to be exactly what she needs to make a stronger comeback, forever changing the holidays for Max and Miracle. Candles won’t be the only thing burning this holiday with these two. Join Max and Miracle as they take you on ride you’re sure to love in A Boss For The Holiday: Max and Miracle.

The Billionaire's Christmas Secret: An Instalove Holiday Romance
.99 cents or free in kindle unlimited

The Billionaire’s Christmas Secret: An Instalove Holiday Romance

A seasonal temp falls for a department store maintenance man…but he’s keeping a secret that could change everything.

All I want for Christmas…is to give my kid brother the only gift he’s asked for. That means working extra seasonal jobs to make ends meet.
My Christmas Eve starts with meeting a gorgeous blue-collar guy in the morning…and then finding out we both work at the biggest department store in town. Joe’s easy to talk to and comes to my rescue in more ways than one, and it’s way too easy to fall for him–hard.
He’s so wonderful, he seems too good to be true.
And when I discover his secret, it leaves me reeling.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. My job at the department store allows me to meet all the employees, and the new temp in customer service definitely catches my eye.
Beautiful, funny, and has a beautiful heart.
Even though it’s Christmas Eve, she’s having a rough day, and I’m only too glad to step in and help her out however I can.
But I’m carrying a secret about who I really am, and if she finds out, it might send her running.
And she’s all I want for Christmas.

THE BILLIONAIRE’S CHRISTMAS SECRET is a sweet, steamy, instalove holiday romance. My promise to you, the reader: No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

A Stockley Family Christmas by [Unique]
.99 cents or free in kindle unlimited

A Stockley Family Christmas

In this holiday story, the couples you love are back, and though they should be preparing for the next step in their relationship, it seems that things—and people—are still getting in the way. Though Mielle has forgiven Priest for the past, other people in their lives haven’t, and the drama is starting to cause turmoil between the two. 
Rae and Briscoe are celebrating their first holiday together as a couple, and though they’re excited to spend time with their friends, Briscoe’s family wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t bring at least a little drama the couple’s way. Will he finally end the dramatics so he and Rae can have a peaceful holiday? 
Suny and Kross have been married for almost six years, and with three children, the excitement of a new relationship has died down. However, the OG couple has no problem reeling the others when things get too wild. In this festive update, will they have to put away all the sharp objects?

Christmas Griffin (A Mate for Christmas Book 5)
$2.99 or free in kindle unlimited

Christmas Griffin (A Mate for Christmas Book 5)

Every lie causes him physical pain.
But if she tells the truth, she’ll lose everything.

Griffin shifter Hardwick Jameson has the perfect Christmas plan: he’s holing up for the holidays in a remote mountain cabin, with no one else for miles around. His shifter powers give him the power to sense lies—and every lie hurts. At Christmas? The festive atmosphere and everyone playing happy families is a recipe for a holly jolly migraine.

Delphine Belgrave’s whole family, going back generations, are winged lion shifters.

And none of them know she isn’t one.

Delphine’s non-shifter nature is a secret that would tear her family apart. When her whole extended family surprises her with a Christmas reunion in the snowy mountain town of Pine Valley, all she wants is for the holiday to be over without her secret being exposed.

Until she meets Hardwick.

Forced together by a car crash and trapped by a blizzard, Hardwick and Delphine know at once that they’re fated to be together. But it will take more than destiny to keep them from breaking apart—especially once the truth comes out.

Bear My Holiday Hero: Bear shifter Christmas Romance
.99 cents or free in kindle unlimited

Bear My Holiday Hero: Bear shifter Christmas Romance

The woman stirred in his arms, and muttered something.
“Hurting,” was the only word he caught, and his chest ached at the sound of his mate’s voice—of her suffering.
“It’s okay. You’re going to be just fine,” he told her, cradling her in his arms.
He just hoped against hope that he was speaking the truth.
“I’m here,” he continued.
That, at least, was the truth.”

Dumped by her fiance three weeks before Christmas, Tempest Brady is faced with her loneliest festive season yet. Moving to an isolated town to take over her late grandma’s junk shop made sense at the time. But the locals are unfriendly, the shop is on the point of collapse, and then her car plunges into a ravine in the middle of a blizzard…

On his way back from a search and rescue mission, bear shifter Bruin Michaels happens to spot a lone red light at the bottom of a ravine. But when he fights his way down there and finds a badly injured human, he knows that fate has brought them together.

Sawtooth doesn’t feel like home for either Bruin or Tempest but as he nurses the captivating human back to health, will the magic of the holidays help him convince her that home is truly where the heart is?

A sparkling, passionate festive romance, full to the brim with Christmas cheer!

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