Risky Memories #ReleaseBlitz

Title: Risky Memories
Author: Rhonda Brewer
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 15, 2020
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Bruce ‘Hulk’ Steel has never been in love and didn’t believe it would ever happen, that was until the day he met her. The pretty waitress at the coffee shop is the first woman to turn his head in a long time. He just hopes he hasn’t ruined things by hiding the true owner of her new home.

Caroline Baker never thought the sexy man who frequented the coffee shop where she worked would change her life but because of him, her life had changed for the better. As a single mother, she wasn’t looking for a relationship, but their growing friendship turns into something she didn’t know she wanted.

When Caroline’s father disappears, Hulk steps up to help her figure out what happened and whether his disappearance is related to her recurring dreams. Murder, hidden secrets, and revenge. Will it bring them closer or drive them apart?


Available in Kindle Unlimited


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I enjoyed Risky Memories. The characters were well rounded and you saw multiple facets of their personalities to bring them to life. I did however want to kick them in the pants, lol. They spent five years building a wonderful friendship, each afraid to make a move despite wanting more. Nothing wrong with that, but I like my characters to be a little faster to fall in love and act on it.

The author did a great job of moving the time frame along. The cast of characters was large but worked well together once the multitude of nicknames were gotten over with. The storyline created suspense along with showing the devotion of the characters to each other.

Overall a great story to read and enjoy. Hulk and Caroline made a wonderful couple once they admitted their feelings for each other.

A Little About Me
Dreams can come true
First of all, I’m a wife and mother. I’m also a grandmother. That alone would fulfill any woman’s life. To be honest it does. But…..
I’m also a writer. Someone who loves to tell stories of love, suspense, heartache and of course happily ever after. For most of my life, I’ve written those stories for myself. A type of therapy, I suppose. I love the characters I create. They become part of who I am because there’s part of me in them.

So…. Now that you know this about me. I hope when you read my books, you fall in love with them.


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