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From Me to You #newyearsresolutions

Do you make resolutions?

Normally, no, I don’t. This year I wanted to. I have multiple books I want to release, but unless I sit my butt down in front of the computer, they won’t happen. I have seven I would like to release. It all depends on whether or not I keep my resolution!

And what is that?

To spend an hour or two on my laptop writing. Spend 30 minutes a day working on advertising. Spend 30 minutes a day exercising.

I also want to finish the writing classes I signed up for!

It may sound like an hour or two isn’t enough, but once I start writing I end up sitting behind the computer for hours once I get into my story. It’s a habit I need to form. NaNoWriMo was a bust for me the last couple of years. This year has been horrible. With the daughter moving, us moving, fixing our new house and fixing the old house for rental, I haven’t written much more than my blog!

Advertising is my downfall! Bless you who’ve found my books without it! Thank you!

And don’t we all want to exercise? I’ve given up on gym memberships. I never go past the first month. I’m too lazy to leave the house and this past year, it sucked big time. Instead, a room in the basement of our new house has been turned into a gym and I’m actually using it!

I have another piece of equipment at my old house, and my daughter is on the hunt for a cheap elliptical. That is about all that will fit down there since we can’t block the door to the utility/laundry room or the storage area. The area rug almost fills the room and it is 7×10 foot. Not a huge room, but big enough for us. I’ve my radio down there hooked up to my ipod.

Okay, a bit old school according to my daughter, but at least I’m not wearing down the battery on my phone. I save that for my solitaire games! lol.

My first book I’m determined to get out this year is China Fleet Club. I’ve been working on it for too many years! I purchased the cover over a year ago and I need to find it in my emails. I sure hope I do, especially since I did a purge and forgot it was in there. Hopefully it isn’t gone forever as I don’t remember who I purchased it from!

I also have the cover for Broken Prince Charming, a short in a charity anthology I’m planning on expanding. I also have the cover art for Teasing Tamara. I already have contacted a cover artist to get it finished, just have to send it out.

Ahh! Too much when I think of it all together. It’s why I need to break it down step by step so I don’t get overwhelmed. Especially since I’m finally seeing the doc about my anxiety. It really has gone up this year. I’m a bit of an introvert, but I still love being around people if I don’t have to mix too much. This quarantine has me all messed up. Since I retired I’m on my own way too much.

The hubby works graveyard so I only see him for a couple of hours a day. My daughter moved out so I don’t see her everyday either. I babysit the granddaughter 3 to 4 nights a week, but a five year old is not adult companionship. Any stay at home parent will tell you that! Plus, I haven’t seen a lot of my parents. They are afraid to go out since they are in their late seventies and now they went to their winter home in Arizona.

I like people as long as I don’t have to talk to them, lol.

See? Way too much on my plate! But if I concentrate, I should be able to get most of them done. My main concentration will be on China Fleet Club, Teasing Tamara and Broken Prince Charming. Not to mention the cookbook I’m working on, lol. This is right above my desk, to help keep me on track. I also made sure my desk wasn’t facing looking out the window or nothing would get done!

My stress relief? I’m working on putting up the SWAG I’ve gotten from other authors. And other stuff I’ve collected. Some of the glasses and other trinkets are on my bookshelves in front of my books, also.

As you can see, I still have stuff to unbox and put away. That’s why I made a resolution to write five days a week. So I won’t feel too guilty about what I haven’t done yet!

What resolution have you made this year?