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From Me to You #apeekatmylife

We went to see fireworks last night. That’s right, in January! It was for the Waukesha Jamboree. I don’t know what that is, but we did enjoy ourselves. The city advertised you could watch from the park or from the privacy of your own car. The four of us sat in the car. Even then the little one complained about how loud it was, and we had the windows up. She loved it, though. We all did.

I only took a few pictures. I was too busy watching. It was a good fireworks display. The high school parking lot was where the cars were parked. Along with all the nearby roads, lol. Not to mention all the people in the park. There is also a large sledding hill there. We’ll probably be back to try that out.

My best bet is to watch.

I used to love ice skating but after one fall where I blacked out, I always wear a helmet now. I hadn’t skated in ten years and went with the girls. My daughter used to figure skate and forgot nothing. Her daughter loved it, even if she had never gone. Me? I had fun until I fell. A belly flop onto the ice. I hurt for two weeks after. I told my husband my insides felt like a bag a frozen vegetables that were stuck together and slammed against the counter to break them up. Painful. So, no more ice skating for me.

I am going to try to roller blade this summer. Maybe I’m getting a little old for some of the stuff I enjoy, but I’ll try it, lol.

I’m working still on China Fleet Club. It is going well. I held a contest where I picked two people to be characters in my book. I tell you, that was just what the story needed. Inserting the names into the manuscript is helping round out the story. It’s been fun adding the characters to the book. Not to mention, I’m using the ship I was stationed on in the Navy as the setting. It’s brought back a ton of memories. I loved the years I served. I’d do it all over again if I had to.

USS Prairie - Home | Facebook

The wonderful part is I’m still in contact with many of my old shipmates. Facebook is good for that at least.

Well, it’s been snowing on and off for the last few days here in Wisconsin. Shoveling is going to be happening here so I need to go. Hope your winter is not too bad and your week is good.