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From me to you #apeekatmylife

No writing for me this weekend!

I found out the hard way I’m sharing my home with little whiskered critters! I feel bad and don’t mind sharing my walls. But my food? Nope.

This was my first inkling I had a problem! I pulled out my pecans to find a hole. I thought maybe I’d caught them in the door because I have my baking products in a lower corner cabinet with a two fold door and I’ve had other items pinched and torn open.

I’m having my kitchen cabinets reclad on March 1. The boxes are in great shape, sturdy and built when things were made to last. So I decided rather than replace them, I’d have them resurfaced. Some of the drawers are cracked so all of them will be replaced. A shame as they are dovetailed. But years of wear will do that. Especially as the house had been being rented out for years.

One of the requirements is to have all of the cabinets emptied, so I thought I’d start today. Surprise! I was sure mice were the problem when I removed a few items.

This makes it clear it wasn’t just getting my goods pinched in the door. Look carefully, you’ll see what looks like a Santa hat. That is a Hershey’s Kiss from a bag I hadn’t used. The bag was nibbled open and a few were pulled out. If I had any doubt left. This next picture erased all doubt.

They completely ate at least one kiss! lol.

It may seem horrible, but we are in a bit of a rural area and the temps have been below zero. It warmed up to 30 degrees yesterday. Mice are a fact of life. I’ll be taking steps to remove them, but I doubt it will work. Half of our foundation is a crawl space, so, dirt. Mice love dirt. Add warmth and food above and I’m fighting a losing battle.

I’ll be investing in some type of storage containers for sure! It is the only way to keep them from my food. Once I eliminate the source of food, they’ll stay out. I’ve a ton of glass jars at my other house and I’ll be bringing them here and using them. Once the yummy smells of sugar and chocolate are gone, they’ll go back to their usual sources. Whatever those are. I’ll have to check and source it at the other end of the yard away from the house.

I will be using mouse traps though. They breed at an extremely high rate and they’ve been living high off the hog. Hopefully it isn’t rats. Ugh. Even though I had one as a pet when I was a kid, I’ve no desire to have them living with me wild. But the turds say mice rather than their larger brethren.

Well, I need to finish emptying my cabinet. Tossing out the nibbled food and washing the outside of anything they didn’t open. The waste of food could be worse. After this cabinet is clean, I’ll be checking my pantry. Most of that food is in cans or Tupperware. I’ll just have to check a few items in boxes or bags, though the bags are mainly mylar except for the rice so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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