From me to you #apeekatmylife

It was a busy weekend, besides being the Fourth of July! My granddaughter was born on July 2nd, so we celebrated her birthday on her day. She insisted, lol. She turned six and made out like a bandit! As you can see.

The rest of the weekend, I worked on starting the siding on our garage. My parents helped me out. We started the side on Saturday and Sunday we worked on the front. As you can see, neither side is done. It will require bigger ladders!

We should have done this years ago! Instead of letting it be the neighborhood eyesore. It won’t be any more. Once it’s done, we’ll paint up all the trim and hopefully I can fix the windows. They are relics from a long ago air soft gun war. LOL. I was ready to murder the boys when I saw them knocking out the windows. Ugh.

Obviously there is no writing going on in my life. I’ll finally have time when I no longer am running back and forth between the two houses. Hopefully.

Hope your week is off to a sparkling week. Me, I’ll be working on the siding!

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