From Me to You #apeekatmylife

Still not writing! Just one more thing I’ve been putting off. I’m working at getting my life back on an even footing from moving and renovating and having the oldest move back home. Life is settling down, thank goodness. I may play around the next month or so, but will be kicking off my writing again in November.

I know it’s nanowrimo. I’m heading to a writing weekend to get me back in the groove. I need that groove. Too many plots have been running through my brain. Now I just need them to run through my fingers! lol

So, I’m almost done with renovations so I can get our old house on the market. I was hoping last week would do it, but not quite. This week will. I’ll be touching up on the painting. Today will see the hood vent go in, the pantry finished. If not today, I will start the tiling tomorrow.

Monday I’ll be getting my tires checked since one appears to have a slow leak. I’ve become intimately acquainted with all the air pumps in the area! I’m putting air in one of the tires everyday I drive. Then the plumber is coming because our sink has a leak. Ugh.

Tuesday I’ll be hitting Sam’s Club and then going over to finish the tile.

Wednesday will see me grouting and cleaning. My most hated thing! I might try to find a cleaning service but will still have to do the floors, removing paint and plaster and in a few cases, stickers. From the the grandkid, of course.

The cabinets are almost all done. The pantry and the walls are now an antique white here and in the kitchen. With the original cabinets all a high gloss white. They look awesome.

These beauties are the bedroom doors on the main floor. We just have to mount them, though I may be changing the stain to match the rest of the house. But they do match the floor in the bedroom, so I’m debating.

Painting the stairs and adding a carpet runner will be the last thing before I bomb the house from the critters that have taken up residence since we moved in November.

Then, voila!, we will put the house on the market. Easy peasy, right? LOL. We will see.

I’m heading to the granddaughter’s soccer game in a couple of hours so it’s time to put the dog out, have a cup of coffee and eat before getting ready. We have a busy day ahead of us to stay on schedule.

May your weekend be fun filled and relaxing!

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