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Romance From Author Mara Jacobs

Contemporary Romance
The Worth Series Boxed Set

By Mara Jacobs
$.99 – FREE

Holiday Romance
Totally Worth Christmas

By Mara Jacobs
Only $.99


Contemporary Romance
Worth The Effort

By Mara Jacobs
Only $3.99

We have two new releases that are priced at $.99 today!!!

The Way to a Cowboy's Heart (Sons of Chance Book 8) by [Vicki Lewis Thompson]
  1. Contemporary Western Romance – The Way to a Cowboy’s Heart by Vicki Lewis Thompson – $.99

Out of the frying pan, into the fire…
Matthew Tredway’s international reputation as a horse trainer lands him a short-term gig at the Last Chance Ranch. Because his stay is brief, the wranglers nominate him to inform cook Aurelia Smith that she’s serving French cuisine they can barely choke down. But one step into Aurelia’s kitchen and Matt’s blasted with the heat of an attraction he can’t resist.

Aurelia’s willing to shift gears, especially if it includes getting cozy with a sexy cowboy. Temporarily. Clearly he’s reluctant to leave and she would love him to stay. But his high-powered career demands that he must move on.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. And two hearts break…

Saddle up for the Sons of Chance series! Steamy western romances from the NYT bestselling author who brought you The McGavin Brothers of Eagles Nest, Montana. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns, and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love the Sons of Chance.

The books in this series are standalones and can be read in any order.
What a Cowboy Wants (Nick & Dominique)
A Cowboy’s Temptation (Gabe & Morgan)
Claimed by the Cowboy (Jack & Josie)
Should’ve Been a Cowboy (Alex & Tyler)
Cowboy Up (Clay & Emily)
Cowboys Like Us (Logan & Caro)
Count on a Cowboy (Wyatt & Olivia)
The Way to a Cowboy’s Heart (Matthew & Aurelia)

Irresistible Billionaires: A Second Chance Baby Romance Box Set [Prequel, 1 , 2 & 3] (Irresistible Brothers) by [Scarlett King, Michelle Love]
  1. Romance Boxed Set – Irresistible Billionaires by Scarlett King – $.99

Three brothers and their father.
Four lucky ladies.
One hard to resist box set.

These handsome billionaires won’t take a NO for an answer so make sure you get this steamy collection or you will miss out on all of the fun and sensual scenes that each book has to offer.
Everything is bigger in Texas and this boxset is no exception.

If you believe in second chances and enjoy reading about accidental babies and forbidden romances, you must get this collection today!

This collection of bad boys and their feisty women includes,
Four full-length standalone novels, two extended epilogues & two extra short stories.

Grip Trilogy Box Set

By Kennedy Ryan
$9.99 – $.99

Romantic Suspense
Charade: Her Billionaire – Paris

By Lisa Marie Rice
$4.99 – FREE

Paranormal Romance
Moonlight Scandals

By Jennifer L. Armentrout
$7.99 – $.99

Historical Romance – $.99

2100 pages of Swoony Historical Romance, featuring USA Today Bestselling author Darcy Burke. Tropes include: friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, marriage of convenience, and second chance.

A Duke is Never Enough – Darcy Burke

Sparks fly between a seductive rake and a self-declared spinster spitfire. When he’s suspected of murder, she may be his only hope for salvation—and love.

The Lover’s Knot – Erin Satie

When the new Duke of Clive realizes that the suicide note written by his predecessor is a forgery, he suspects his ex-fiancée of foul play. As he investigates, he can’t decide if he wants to bring her to justice or rekindle the great love of his life.

Dealing with the Viscount – Clair Brett

He seized a second chance to seduce the wife he thought dead . . . and claim the secret child he did not know was his.

What If I Still Loved You – Erica Taylor

After a chance meeting, Henry and Anna search the castle for a box of letters, but can this star-crossed pair find their way back to each other? Or will their second chance be lost to fate, again?

The Lost Lord – Carrie Lomax

A mysterious English nobleman, Lord Richard Northcote, has Miriam dreaming of adventures beyond her limited experiences. But is the promise in his kiss only a practiced lie?

An Earl For Ellen – Catherine Bilson

Orphaned and penniless, Ellen Bentley is astonished and relieved when the new Earl of Havers, her distant cousin, takes an interest in her welfare. She can’t help falling in love with Thomas, but how can she compete with the beautiful, polished Lady Louisa?

The Spy’s Fake Bride – Jackie Barbosa

To escape Napoleon’s France, British agent Thomas Pearce and the woman he’s been sent to rescue, Sabine Rousseau, must pretend to be amorous newlyweds. But it isn’t long before neither of them is pretending and every night, there’s only one bed.

Not Quite a Rogue – Tanya Wilde

A man on the edge of ruin… A lady who thirsts to be loved for more than her dowry… Temptation has never tasted this rich.

Hotel Oriente – Jennifer Hallock

Cub reporter Della will do anything to get her story. When her breadcrumb trail of scandal leads straight to the kitchen of Moss’s floundering hotel, can he win Della’s heart and keep his name out of the headlines?

Once a Fallen Lady – Eve Pendle

Handsome schoolteacher Alfred Lowe’s disapproving gaze makes Lydia Taylor fear for her subterfuge of respectable widow and capable mother. But a seduction of kisses, books, and savory pies will tempt her to risk everything for love.

10 historical romances in one bargain, limited time only, anthology.


Cover for 'Neil (The Uncompromising Series Book 2)'
Neil (The Uncompromising Series Book 2)
by Sybil Bartel
When Danish Special Forces veteran Neil walked into my strip club and gave me his piercing ice-blue stare as his deep, accented voice whispered across my flesh like sin, my life fell apart. Now a gun was being held to my head and the only thing standing between me and an early grave is a Viking-sized warrior.

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Cover for 'The Name of Red (Red Book 1)'
The Name of Red (Red Book 1)
by Beena Khan
On a rainy, winter night a mysterious woman in that red dress seeking shelter came inside the restaurant he was busy working in — primarily the bar. She’s not looking for love. So, he decided to leave her books anonymously with notes in them, but he just didn’t expect to get caught so soon.



Cover for 'Defending the Reaper (The Playmakers Series Book 5)'
Defending the Reaper (The Playmakers Series Book 5)
by G.K. Brady
Dave Grimson’s life is as tangled as a wad of skate laces. Then he crashes into Ellie Hendricks. Literally. Ellie’s company is already on life support, and though Dave just snipped a few more cords, she glimpses something compelling. But he’s harboring secrets. When those secrets are exposed, will they be caught in a tide that drowns them both?

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Cover for 'Dark Intentions (Wicked Intentions Series Book 1)'
Dark Intentions (Wicked Intentions Series Book 1)
by J.A. Owenby
After being lost and abused in the foster system, I refuse to let my past break me. Until the night I see him again and my world falls apart. The guy who made high school a living hell. He was more than a stormy-grey-eyed bully. He was cruel in ways I can never understand. Now he’s back. When I learn his dark secrets, I can’t shake him.

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Cover for 'Presidential Bargain (The Presidential Promises Duet Book 1)'
Presidential Bargain (The Presidential Promises Duet Book 1)
by Rebecca Gallo
Determined to be elected the next President of the United States, Senator Jameson Martin hires Georgie Washington to pretend to be his fiancée on the campaign trail. When outside forces threaten to expose their relationship, Jameson and Georgie must decide if their feelings for each other are real or just another campaign ploy.

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Cover for 'Charge (Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Book 1)'
Charge (Steel Bones Motorcycle Club Book 1)
by Cate C. Wells
I’m just an ex-con with a pretty face, tryin’ to get it together. I don’t need to be messing with the single mom next door who’s too young for a kid that old. She needs a hero, and that’s not me. But damned if she doesn’t make me want to be the good guy in a bad way. Charge is an “age gap romance with a single mum and a protective, surprisingly sweet hero.” First in series. HEA guaranteed.



Cover for 'Princess for the Alien Commander'
Princess for the Alien Commander
by Tammy Walsh
A princess who’s forgotten who she is. A kauah commander desperate to protect his people. And a tyrannical king hellbent on tearing them apart.

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Cover for 'Mark of the Fallen (Dark Fallen Angels Book 1)'
Mark of the Fallen (Dark Fallen Angels Book 1)
by Eve Archer
Billionaire playboy or the devil? A fallen angel can be both. Not only is the wickedly attractive Dominick Vicario the head of an underworld family, but he’s also an immortal fallen angel — and he believes I’m destined to be his mate. Escaping from him isn’t an option, especially when the demons start hunting us. Devilishly steamy!

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Cover for 'The Dixon Brothers Trilogy (Hot Brits Books 1-3)'
The Dixon Brothers Trilogy (Hot Brits Books 1-3)
by Anna Durand
They’re hot, British, and ready for action. The Dixon brothers aren’t looking for love, but when sexy American girls cross their paths, the passion is explosive. Experience the first three books in the bestselling Hot Brits series, with bonus chapters to leave you wanting more.

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Cover for 'Compliance'
by Lexxie Couper
The last time Bethany was in Australia, she helped two guys fall in love with each other. This time, she might be responsible for two guys beating the hell out of each other. Not an ideal situation, because a threesome with the sexy nerd and the sexy jock is her idea of a perfect fantasy. And then her heart gets involved…

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Cover for 'Loving the Billionaire'
Loving the Billionaire
by Christina Tetreault
Billionaire Warren Sherbrooke assumed someday he’d marry a woman from a well-connected family who understood what it was like to live and breathe in his world. He never expected to fall in love with Ruth Taylor. Despite the differences in their social standings, Warren has considered Ruth a close friend for years. One weekend will forever alter that friendship.

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Cover for 'Kissing Books'
Kissing Books
by Cat Johnson
Welcome to Mudville, home of KISSING BOOKS, a standalone small town, opposites attract, fish out of water romantic comedy with lots of kissing (and other things), a cocky farmer, a sassy misplaced heroine with too many animals, some crazy locals, and a very happy ending for all of them! “The book made me laugh out loud, it’s very upbeat and sweet.” -Reviewer

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Cover for 'Love on the Prairie'
Love on the Prairie
by Ciara Knight
Owen Baker vows to never have a woman in his life again after the death of loved ones, but when Abigail McKinnie struts onto his land claiming ownership on behalf of her dead cousin, he’s dumbfounded by her drive and beauty. Despite her abilities and their attraction, he vows to throw her over his horse to deliver her to the first train home the minute she recuperates from her trip.

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Cover for 'A Highwayman's Mail Order Bride'
A Highwayman’s Mail Order Bride
by Blythe Carver
The last thing a mail order bride needs is a highwayman’s intervention in the form of a stagecoach robbery. Especially when time is of the essence and she needs a father for her baby. Preferably before she begins to show. “Ms. Carver blends romance and intrigue into this old west tale!” -Reviewer

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