From me to you #apeekatmylife

Ever wonder how people raise their kids? I sure am. I’m at a writer’s conference in LaCrosse WI and above us, for the second day in a row, kids are going wild above us. Running, jumping. It feels like the ceiling is going to fall in.

We are waiting to see. All day until 11:00pm last night and it started again at 6:00am. Yikes.

Well, I’m at a writer’s conference. We’re writing, and writing. Joking around. Happy to see each other for the first time in a while. We get together once a year to write. The hotel we’re at is decent but we won’t be able to get it next year so we’re looking at an Airbnb.

Last night we ate at Soula’s, a Greek restaurant. So good!

Not everyone wanted their picture taken. Some were more than happy to have it taken as you can see, lol.

In attendance were Michele Shriver, Ashlyn Monroe, Dakota Trace and CJ Bower. Oh, and me, Beverly Ovalle. We were very noisy, closed down the restaurant, went back to the hotel and chilled until midnight. Lots of words were written, lol. The whole point of the writer’s retreat! Well, I’m going back to writing. Bye!

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