From me to you #apeekatmylife

I’m writing! I’m writing!

NaNoWriMo is going along. I’ve missed four days of writing. One of them, I wasn’t paying attention and wrote past midnight, lol. My bad! Counts as a missed day.

I’m writing, though. Something I’ve wanted to get back to. Not a romance though. Well, maybe a tiny bit of a crush between young ones amongst the supernatural and horror. At least with this genre it doesn’t have to end well. *insert snicker*

Did I show you the cover?

Just a bit creepy, isn’t it?

I’m not making the NaNo word count, but I’m happy the story is flowing. I’m looking at a new venue to publish it. On kindle vella. I’ve found some great stories on there. Once it is done, after the 90 day requirement, I’ll put it out on ebook. Print will happen when I chase down the cover artist.

You don’t want to know! I did a boo boo and lost the email in the thousands I have. I might just be looking in the wrong email account though. Maybe. Hopefully.

#horror #canitberomancetoo #nowaysomeonesgottodie

Oh, want a look? Here’s a short excerpt.

Creeping up the long driveway, I shivered. I hated dusk. The shadows of the trees elongated, reaching for me. The breeze just enough to rustle the leaves. I hugged my backpack, staying to the center of the drive. I couldn’t see any lights on in the old farmhouse we lived in. Only the dim back door light.

I could hear the cluck of the chickens. They were settling down for the night, secure in their fenced in coop. Only the rooster roamed free. I hoped he wasn’t lurking, ready to peck me.

I trudged up the drive, wishing it was shorter. A crow cawed. I jumped, looking up. There was a nest in the trees above me. More than once, I’d had to cover my head and run from them. Made me wish I’d never watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Glancing above and around, I hurried past the danger zone. Something slid from the coon grape bushes, running across the driveway. I swallowed, stopping. It was only a cat. I’m sure it was just a cat. We didn’t have any due to my mom’s allergies, but they roamed free. I hoped it would go after the crows, but it was more likely to be chasing mice.

Hugging my backpack tighter, I continued. The shadows grew. Looking around, I quickened my steps. The curve of the drive was coming up. The trees ended, giving way to the garage, barn and chicken coop. The empty garage yawned open. Enough light left to show me no car was parked there, just the vague shapes of workbenches lining the walls.

The light from the back door beckoned me, a beacon of safety. It was getting there.

The walkway was dark. Lilac bushes lined both sides, smothering any light that lingered. It may have only been thirty feet, but it stretched before me like a gauntlet.

Anything could be in there. I could enter and never be seen again. Something could grab me from the bushes. The doorway to another dimension could open up, swallowing me whole. I grabbed my phone, hitting the speed dial.


“I hate my house.”

A deep chuckle answered me. “I take it you’re home.”

“No one is here.” I glanced around. Dusk was gone. The sliver of moon slid behind the clouds, taking any bit of light with it. “I hate this house.”

“Where are you?”

“At the gauntlet.”

A snicker escaped him. “I’ll stay on the phone while you cross it. That way someone will know if aliens grab you.”

“Asshole.” It wasn’t aliens I worried about. It was the things that go bump in the night.

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