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Holiday Hideout #spotlight

by Logan Chance


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Every woman in the world hates me.
No seriously, it’s true. 
When I decided to break up with my girlfriend, she went on to write a chart-topping album about how I broke her heart. 
And everyone’s on her side. 
I get hate mail. 
Death threats. 
Now, I’m hiding out until the filming of my next SharkQuake movie is underway.
I head to Alaska, to keep my head down until the buzz of Trinity’s new album dies down. 
No interaction except for a housekeeper, Rachel, that shows up twice a week to clean. 
When she shows up, I quickly learn she’s Team Trinity and probably wants me dead, too. 
But there’s something about her I can’t quite ignore. 
To top it off, she’s a major shark movie junkie– apparently it’s a thing. 
Spending time with her makes me forget about the world. 
And for someone like me that can be a dangerous thing. 
This is only temporary, soon I’ll be heading back to Hollywood and leaving this holiday hideout behind.