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Holiday Hope #Blitz

Title: Holiday Hope
Series: A Holiday Romance Novel #6
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2021
Let the merriment begin…Operation Holiday Hope commence.

Life hasn’t been the same since she quit her job working for the tyrant mayor, but Hope Bronson is trying her best. She’s attempting to embrace the holiday spirit and pretend she’s happy when, in reality, she feels stuck in a rut. And why? She can’t even explain it to herself, let alone to anyone else, without risking being called a drama queen. And men…don’t even get her started. Talk about bad choices every. Single. Time. Except…maybe one guy, but she can’t trust her own judgment. It doesn’t matter that everyone tells her he’s a good one. She’s leery of opening herself up to another bad decision—unless he can convince her otherwise.
Mase Brandt can’t believe his luck when he’s asked to fix a Nativity scene for the church. The one and only woman to steal his heart with ease works there. A few months ago, she shut him out with little fanfare. This time, he’s not giving up so easily. The holidays are a joyous time of year. He’ll use anything and everything to his advantage to win her heart. He knows she won’t make a moment of it easy on him. But that’s okay. He has a few tricks up his sleeve. Let the festivities begin.
The entire Holiday Romance series: (Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.)

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Snowflakes & Shots (Book 5): Stu & Chasity
Holiday Hope (Book 6): Mase & Hope
“Thanks for working so hard and so quickly on the Nativity set. Father Benson was so upset by what happened.”

“Of course. I didn’t mind when Chief Duncan called. Can’t believe whoever hit it just left. Jackass.”
She chuckled and took a seat on one of the stools near the workbench where the manger sat.
“Well, they won’t be getting any goodies in their stocking this year, that’s for sure.”
Mase joined her in laughing, then pointed at the manger. “Mind if I work while we chat. There is beer in the fridge if you want to grab one.”
“Sure. You want one, too?” She stood up. “And please, work. I don’t have to stay long.”
“Yeah, I’ll take one.”
She headed for the fridge.
“I don’t want you leaving any time soon.”
She nearly tripped in her steps.
“Is it getting hot in here?”
Her heart pounded by his last question. Because, oh, yeah, the heat was starting to turn up all right. She plucked two beers from the fridge and walked back toward him with a bit more confidence than she walked in with.
She set his bottle near him, popped hers open, and took a long swig.
“I think it’s just starting to heat up.”
(Copyright © 2021 Amanda Siegrist)
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