From me to you #apeekatmylife #giveawaywinner

I’m writing! Not as much as I should to get to my goals, lol, but it’s a good thing. I’m working my way back to writing a bit every day. I guess it was a good stress reliever when I worked. But since I’ve retired, I don’t seem to do it as my go to stress reliever. Yikes!

Not to mention I’ve been fighting trying to control my diabetes. It takes up a lot of my time. It is definitely making me make changes. It was good when our daughter lived with us since she was always on some dieting kick or another. Paleo, keto, stuff like that. It kept my sugar under control. But the last couple of years since it’s just Ed and me, it’s gone crazy. Too much sugar, too much eating out has blown mine out of proportion.

The doctor switched my meds and now my meter downloads automatically to the internet. Well, mainly because the side effects were worse on my body than the disease! (You’ve seen those commercials, lol.) I’ve been keeping a food diary on it. Since I’m also a sedentary slug, I’ve tried to change that. I’ve started snowshoeing. I can keep my exercise log on it too. It’s called Mysugr.

It is really fun. We live across the street from a 27 mile trail. Perfect in winter to snowshoe and ski. I don’t ever intend on walking the whole thing, though!

Even watching my diet, my sugars have been in the 200’s. NOT good. So, I’ve added exercise. My best reading yesterday evening was after about 30 minutes in my home gym.

So I have no excuse. Just lack of willpower. But when I feel better, I’m more active. So I need to be active to feel better, lol. Chicken and egg, anyone?

It’s been a bear of a two years. I’m hoping getting off my keister will help all the way around. After all, my books won’t write themselves!

I’m still working on my NaNo project. Just need to do more of it. I’ve a couple of short stories I want to expand and a couple of dragon books I want to get to. It’s early in the year so here’s hoping my ambitions overrun my procrastinating nature!

Oh, and my winner from last week? C.D. Hersh, you’ve won your choice of one of my ebooks. You can email me at and let me know which one you prefer.

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