From me to you #apeekatmylife

We’re on vacation in Arizona for a couple of weeks. My parents come out for the winter so we escaped the freezing weather to visit them. We’ll also see my brother and sister in law and hopefully the nephews! Also, one of my brothers in law live here so we are already making plans with him and his family.

It looks like we’ll have to make a trip to California. My MIL isn’t doing well, so despite the whole house of covid there, we’ll go, but later in our trip than we planned. We’ll out wait the quarantine. Give it the 10 days, just like a cold, lol. It’s already been 4 days at least so it should be past the infection point when we go. IF the scientists are to be believed. Who really knows with this new version? And that is what they all have.

As you can see we look happy to be out of the cold. We left and Wisconsin was 1 degree. We arrived to 70. No wonder we’re smiling! We’ve been relaxing, enjoying the sun and eating plenty of fresh oranges. Today I’ll be having fresh grapefruit for breakfast. Yum.

I hear someone stirring. I’m in the living room, loving the quiet, so I’ve got to go to finish my coffee in peace.

I won’t be posting sales tomorrow. I’ll be back with regular posts during the week. I’m not even writing while I’m gone, though I did bring my manuscripts just in case inspiration hits, but this little 11″ Chromebook is so tiny it’s hard for me to see the page since I haven’t updated my glasses. My bad.

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you are!

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