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#CoverReveal The Kiss List

by Maya Hughes

COVER REVEAL! The Kiss List by Maya Hughes releases March 3!
If I were on fire, she’d break out the marshmallows. 
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Cover Design: Najla Qamber
Photographer: Aldrin Paul Del Carmen
Model: Wyatt Cushman
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It’s not that we don’t like each other, more like hate with the fury of a thousand suns. But it wasn’t always that way.
I still remember how her lips tasted. How they felt pressed against mine. How I wanted more. 
How I still crave her. Our disastrous night together ended with her storming out, me wondering if I’d ever be able to show my face on campus again and us as bitter enemies.
When a campus competition is announced to find the most in love couple, she’s the last person I thought I’d turn to for help. But the prize could change both our lives. An internship for her and a chance to finally connect with my father. It’s too hard to resist. Just like her heated glares and tempting curves. 
To win, we’ve got to prove to everyone we’re a couple. Head over heels, can’t keep our hands off each other in love. Fake the hell out of it for our chance at glory. 
Maybe we’re a little too good at selling it to the whole campus because the lines haven’t just been blurred, they’ve gone up in flames. Can I convince her I want us to be together for real and keep the prize? Or will I lose them both?