From me to you #apeekatmylife

I just wanted to let you know, I suck at keeping resolutions! LOL.

That said, I’m scheduling writing time and exercise time in. Pretty sure it’s the only way I’m going to get things done! Other than a couple of book signings, Writers on the River and Romance Rendezvous, I’ll be home pretty much all summer.

We’re having new windows installed in the house. The roof repaired, and the trim around the house replaced. Which is harder than you’d think since it is a Tudor style house, so wood and stucco. Plus we are waiting on estimates for adding a foyer to the house so we have a closet downstairs!

Wood trim color
Soffit and gutter color

It rained all day Friday so I watched a bunch of movies: Nobody, The Batman, and Free Guy. They were all entertaining. Plus I started building my Lego Camper Van. Then I ran out with my daughter to grab the Lego Ghostbuster car. Awesomeness is waiting to happen!

Since I’m writing this late on Friday (almost Saturday!) I’m a bit tired. Can’t you tell? LOL. It’s just about midnight so I’m going to bed.

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