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“She who dons the gloves enchants the dragon.”

When Giuliana Parker was hired at the Bibliotheca Draconis, she hoped her low-key job would keep her out of the spotlight long enough to accept her inheritance and disappear from everyone’s radar. When she finds the silver, hand-crocheted, dragon-scale gloves adorned with jewels hidden in the back of a red-leather-covered book, she couldn’t resist trying them on. However, she never imagined she’d awaken a dragon-shifter’s call to mate.

Marek Sawyer kept his eye on the quiet, beautiful assistant, not quite able to put a finger on what drew him to her. He’d been protecting his shifter legacy for so long that he’d all but given up on finding a mate. But one day she found his family’s history stashed among the rare books shoved into the bowels of his library.

But all is not what it seems, as Giulia has secrets of her own. Secrets that could destroy them both.

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About CJ Bower

Reading and writing have always been a huge part of CJ’s life, and she’s been creating stories since childhood. For as long as she can remember, she’s been putting pen to paper and creating complex characters in rich settings. With the support of wonderful family and friends, she finally decided to make the big leap into the world of professional publishing.

CJ lives in Western Wisconsin with her husband. They have only one child, of the four-legged and furry kind. When she’s not working or writing, she enjoys baking, having picked up her first piping bag at fourteen. She started decorating full time at age twenty-three and spent four years in her family’s bakery before returning to school. She also enjoys volunteering at the local animal rescue shelter and advocating for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

She’d love to hear from readers, either on Facebook at CJBowerAuthor, her website, http://cjbowerauthor.wordpress.com or email at CJBowerAuthor@hotmail.com.

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