Archive | September 24, 2022

From me to you #apeekatmylife

Fingers still suck. My stitches came out, but my ring finger is super sensitive still. Can’t type using both hands. Ugh. So I’ve been reading. Fell into a series and read all twelve books in the last three days. The Dragon Gap series. It caught my imagination. Now I’m waiting for the rest of the books in the Lightning Dragon series. They are all set in the same world. So hard waiting, lol.

The story line is awesome. You just have to ignore the horrible punctuation and wrong words. There is a difference between too and to. Really! Drove me a bit crazy, but I started to ignore it, thank goodness. If it wasn’t enjoyable, I wouldn’t have read all of them, lol. I assume English is not the author’s first language. Or maybe it’s an inditement or our education system. Could be either. But I got roped into the books and just came up for air.

Available at Amazon and in the kindle unlimited program.

I’ve been trying to write, but the fingers won’t cooperate. It hurts to use the ring finger and pinkie to type. I’m hunting and pecking. If it doesn’t settle down soon, I’ll have to drag out my dragon program. It’s still packed in one of the many boxes in my office.

I knew I should have finished unpacking.

Writing will have to wait a while. Not great as I’ve been itchy to write again, but stupidity has its price. Eventually I’ll get back to it. Meantime, I’m enjoying reading and playing Olive Town on my Nintendo Lite.