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“Dark romance at its best” – Amazon reviewer
“Deliciously dark and sexy anthology! …Buckle up because you’re in for one hell of a ride!” – Amazon reviewer
“If you crave bad boys you love to hate, this is the anthology for you… 5 stars!!!” – Amazon reviewer
Some heroes want to save the world. Some will burn it down for the one they love.
Call them villains, anti-heroes, criminals, and monsters.
But these dark men love deeply and fiercely, and are ready to go to the ends of the earth to save their soulmate.
They will tempt you.
Captivate you.
Drag you into darkness, and leave you breathless.
They’ll show you how good love can be in the dark.
There’s a spark between these pages, and these Heartless Heroes will set your world on fire.
Morally grey is the favorite color of these twenty new and bestselling authors. Grab your copy now to read all the dark shades of love painted by these Heartless Heroes.
Authors in this set include:
J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, Sahara Roberts & Leah C. Taylor, Sonya Jesus, H. D. Carlton & CE Ricci, Lola West, D.S. Wrights, Elizabeth Miller, Lily Wildhart, Morgan James, A.R. Breck, Brynn Ford, Indie Black & Sienna Cousins, Isabella Phoenix & Victoria Pauley, Suki Williams, Ashley Gee, D.W. Marshall, M.L. Philpitt, and Ember Evans

Black Knight (A Black’s Bandits Novel)
by Lynn Raye Harris
Liberty King doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t remember what happened before mercenary Jared Frazer found her bleeding and disoriented in the snow outside his remote cabin. What’s clear is that Liberty is in trouble, and the people looking for her aren’t easily deterred. Can Jared become the knight in shining armor Liberty desperately needs?
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Secret Babies for a Bossy Grump
by Ruby Emhart
After being burnt by her fiancé, joining the mile high club with a gorgeous stranger felt like perfect revenge. Until Tess got pregnant with his triplets. Their paths wouldn’t ever cross or so she thought. Brady may be a grump but he’s the marketing genius Tess needed. He doesn’t mix business with pleasure. But, rules are meant to be broken. What happens when he finds out he’s about to be a daddy!

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You Can’t Ruin Christmas (Snowflake Creek)
by Olivia Noble
Dumped suddenly and left alone, my Christmas was falling apart until Sven walked in to save the day. The tall, handsome hockey player is muscular, sweet, and kind – he is everything I ever wanted in a man. There’s only one problem. He’s my ex-boyfriend’s brother…

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Wrong Bed Baby (Crescent Cove Book 10)
by Taryn Quinn
Finding my hot next door neighbor between the sheets? Win. Finding out I’m having his baby? Uh oh.
Prince of Fire (4 Princes Book 1)
by Riley Storm
I shouldn’t want a human. I’m supposed to mate with another dragon. But none of them make my blood burn with lust the way she does. I have to have her. No matter the consequences… I’ve been hurt by men too many times. No more though. I’m turning over a new leaf, starting a new me. That was the plan, at least, until I saw him…

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The Overlord’s Pet (The Alien Mate Index Book 5)
by Evangeline Anderson
I never wanted to be a pet—especially not the pet of an arrogant, Alien Overlord. Now I’m stuck on his spaceship, learning to walk on a leash and eating a disgusting concoction called “human chow.” Also, Sir demands that I go through “training” of the extra-spicy variety in order to display “proper pet behavior” whatever that means. Will I ever get back to Earth?
Catering to Love (Departments of Love Book 1)
by Joshua Ian
Chef Henri works at the Royal Tea Room in a luxurious Edwardian era department store. His world gets rocked with the arrival of a gorgeous new waiter, Nico. The two can’t deny their mutual attraction but Henri is hesitant to risk his career – and more – for love. Nico is determined to convince him otherwise. Perfect for fans of Downton Abbey!

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The Accidental Viscountess (Just a Touch of Scandal Book 1)
by Caro Kinkead
She wanted to stop a feud. She didn’t plan to fall in love. Dorothea Hindley needs to keep her family from being a laughing stock. Her best chance? The son of her aunt’s nemesis. As they navigate the treacherous waters of the Ton, can she and Martin lower the temperature? Or will their newly-discovered attraction flare into a new scandal?
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