From me to you! #apeekatmylife

Here’s my life right now. SNOW!

This long @$$ building is my garage. One car wide, two and a half cars long. That is where my cars are hiding. As of next week, my poor little car is back out in the elements. I don’t want to be blocked in my our new RV.

I can’t believe we were able to manage to afford a newer model, but I was excited we could! I just won’t be able to buy a new car in the next five years. And that’s okay.

Want to see the inside? Here ya go!

It’s a centered bed in back. Bathroom off to the right where the wall is. Not open for public viewing, lol. My kids seem to think a bathroom needs a view, never mind privacy!

See, the book I’m writing on how to buy an RV works. Or once I finish it, it will. I am working on it, just not everyday like I should be. I really hate schedules. But it is coming along.

I’ve snow to take care of as you can see. Have a great Saturday!

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