Handling His Briefs #live

by Kat Baxter


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Naomi Webster has been my assistant for nearly two years. Side-by-side, we’ve worked countless cases and she’s proven herself indispensable. Knowing I can’t afford to lose her has enabled me to keep my hands off her delicious curvy body. Now I’m in an impossible situation. I need a temporary wife in order to secure custody of my nephew. I can’t ask Naomi because I will never be able to walk away once I touch her. But how can I marry someone else when there’s only one woman I want?
When I find out my boss—the man I’ll do anything for—needs a wife and I’m not even on his list of perspective brides, I’m ticked off. It doesn’t make things any better when he claims it’s because he wants me too much. What does that even mean? But when we’re caught in a compromising position, we have no choice but to get married. If he thinks he can sleep with me for a year and then carry on with business as usual, he’s got another thing coming because I want all or nothing.

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