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From Me to You #apeekatmylife

Today I’m going to the symphony! The Girl Scouts are having a day at the Milwaukee Symphony. Should be fun. We’ll get all dolled up and go.

Tomorrow I’m going to an RV show. I’m on the hunt for a new RV, again. As a matter of fact, I’m writing a book about my hunt. At least, my hunt from a few years ago when I first started looking for one. A change from my romance novels, but variety is the spice of life!

Here’s my introduction to my book (tentatively titled)

So you want to buy an RV?

The thought of camping made me cringe. Trauma from multiple family vacations rolled through me at the thought. My scalp prickled at just the idea of falling asleep and being feasted on by mosquitos.

BUT, I loved to travel. And I did. BUT, it was expensive.

Cheaper motels woke me up scratching as much as those long remembered mosquitos. The more reasonable but slightly pricier ones drained my wallet.

The thought of monotonous fast-food restaurants churned my belly. On one trip we ate only at Arby’s for two days straight. Nor is it cheap. Vacations were a hemorrhage on my finances. BUT, they lifted my soul.

I knew I had to face my fears, tear apart the trauma. Forget how I can still pee on the side of the road without getting my pants wet. Thanks, dad.

I needed a camper.

Oh god, could I survive this?

I refused to tell my family. They would never believe me. I had made my hatred of camping well known. I wasn’t going to let them laugh at me now. Despite their knowledge and experience, I refused to open that bag.

I can tell you what I didn’t want. No tent, hell no. I’m not sleeping on the ground. No pop up. My skin crawled at the thought. The long ago remembered night of slapping at mosquitos that made their way through the edges of the canvas was something I couldn’t face again.

So, it had to have metal walls and wheels. Comfy beds, a bathroom. I needed a Glamper, lol.

Thus began my journey to find the perfect camper for me. Oh, and my husband. Maybe a kid or two. Possibly their families. (They are adults)

Eh, maybe just me and my husband. And the granddaughter. We like her.

The year long journey was an adventure in itself.

Here’s how I did it.